Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

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    Repairing Damaged Garage Door Rollers

    Overhead door rollers come in various sizes and strengths.

    The roller sizes you will need varies on the size of your overhead door.

    Take note that the material that makes up the rollers will distinguish how quiet your overhead door functions.

    An overhead door roller’s dimensions can cause it to fall off and even trigger the potentials that can damage the tracks.

    Keep reading, and get yourself familiar right here!

    Below are the kinds of overhead door rollers

    • Plastic rollers – lacks ball bearings.
    • Nylon rollers – similar to skateboard wheels; they have a ball bearing system enclosed by the wheel itself.
    • Teflon rollers – allow the rollers to glide smoothly within the track.
    • Steel rollers – the sturdiest roller; available with or without ball bearings.

    Some homeowners say that nylon rollers make less noise than those rollers made of metal.

    However, professional technicians say that as long as you do not mind the additional noise, both rollers work almost the same.

    If the roller you purchase is too short for your overhead door, it might end up jumping from the tracks, which can result in a lot of damages to your door like broken hinges, for instance.

    How long do overhead door rollers last?

    The lifespan of an overhead door roller will entirely depend on the following factors:

    • Age of the roller – time will eventually wear away the device.
    • Dimensions of the door – heavier or taller overhead doors produce more pressure on rollers.
    • Frequency of usage – the more you operate your garage, certainly, the more the rollers will wear down.
    • Material of roller – nylon roller tends to wear out way quicker than the steel ones, which are usually more durable and long-lasting.

    How do I know if my rollers are damaged?

    Before buying a new set of rollers, take your time to check if your present rollers are even damaged in the first place.

    They may not function properly, but the issue can still be double-checked.

    The best example for this one would be the rollers creating screeching noise, which calls for lubrication.

    Steps to lubricate your overhead door rollers

    Before lubricating the rollers, make sure that the door is completely closed.

    1. If the door is electrical, make sure to disconnect the electric opener first.
    2. To begin, lubricate all ball bearings within roller wheels.
    3. Apply an adequate amount of silicone-based lubricant on the rollers (both bearings and shafts).
    4. Make sure to wipe away any excess lubricant to prevent the overhead door from becoming unstable.

    Usually, these tracks are mistaken for damaged overhead door rollers.

    These are also considered as the most visible part of the operating device; however, you must also pay close attention if the tracks are correctly aligned as this could be a source of future complications.

    If you need an overhead door roller replaced, do not hesitate to contact the nearest garage door repair in Calgary!

    When should I replace my overhead door rollers?

    Although it may vary between different types of overhead doors and rollers, below are the signs you may reconsider.

    When in doubt, contact a professional technician from a garage door repair company to give a more certain diagnosis.

    • Popping noise – if you hear a weird ‘popping’ noise every time your garage door is in operation, this could be a sign that it is time to have the rollers replaced.
    • Loose roller – if the roller is easy to wiggle, consider replacing it already. Ideally, a roller in good condition must have no wiggle room.
    • Missing rubber – a roller’s performance will be limited if it is cracked or if some pieces are missing.
    • Vibrations upon opening or closing the door – this may be a cause of rollers that are most likely to leave the tracks or loose rollers.
    • Rust – metal rollers are prone to rust if they are not regularly lubricated.

    If they become too rusty, this can extremely affect and reduce their quality.

    Above all, it is essential to fix faulty rollers immediately.

    Do not chance the potential harm or the risk of making the issue worse.

    Call the most trusted overhead door repair now so you can actually have a professional to look at it.

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