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    Garage Door Springs: Which Are The Most Reliable

    Need To Replace Your Door’s Springs? DIY Or Expert Help?

    If your garage door is not functioning optimally, then it could be because there is something wrong with its springs.

    The Importance of Springs in Overhead Doors

    Garage door springs are necessary for the smooth functioning of these doors. They are the parts that take the weight of the doors as they open and close. Simply put, the springs are what make your garage doors so light that you can lift them on your own – or for the electric door opener to lift or lower them without a problem.

    If these springs are worn out or damaged, then it will be very difficult for your (or the door opener) to lift or lower the garage door. In fact, if the spring is a broker, you can forget about your garage door opener!

    Signs that It Might Be Time for a Garage Door Repair

    Here are some signs that you should look out for to check if your garage door springs are broken or damaged:

    Cables Seem Broken

    The cables attached to the springs seem broken. But when you check the cables carefully, you find that there is nothing wrong with them; they are just disconnected. This is the first and most obvious sign that your garage door’s springs are broken.

    The cables will come loose when the springs don’t work!

    A Loud Crash in the Garage

    If you are home and you hear a loud crashing sound in the garage, but when you go to investigate, you find nothing out of place – and no one there. It’s not a ghost or an intruder! That is most probably the sound of the spring unwinding – which means that it is broken.

    Gaps in Torsion Springs

    If you notice a gap of a few inches in your garage door spring, then it means that it is broken. A good spring will have no gaps at all.

    The Top of the Garage Door Seems Bent

    There are some garage doors whose tops will bend if you try to open them. This is because, without the springs to balance the weight (which is more than 100 pounds), the mechanism is unable to lift up the door properly. This is a clear sign that your garage door springs are broken.

    Your Garage Door Slams Down When You’re Closing It

    This is one of the most dangerous signs that your garage door spring calgary is broken. When you try to shut your garage door, it just suddenly falls shut instead of smoothly and slowly closing.

    The Emergency Rope Doesn’t Work

    Most garage doors have an emergency rope that allows you to open them manually. However, if this rope does not lift your garage door, it is most probably because the springs are broken.

    Do Not Attempt Garage Door Repair Work on Your Own!

    If these springs are damaged in any way – do not try to fix them on your own! Trying to carry out overhead door repair work of this kind is extremely dangerous; people have been seriously injured and even killed while trying to repair or replace door spring parts themselves.

    This is a job that only a qualified and certified professional garage door repair company can do.

    Call Kald Gart Doors for Garage Door Repair in Calgary

    We at Kald Gart Garage Doors are a team of professionals, trained and certified in handling garage door repairs.

    Thanks to our training and the years of experience we have in this field, we know how to fix garage door springs safely and efficiently. Such repairs require specialized tools and quality parts. We have both.

    With our experience, we can repair all types of garage door springs calgary– be they for overhead doors, side-sliding, side-hinged, or any other types of doors. Whether your door is supported by a torsion spring or an extension spring, we can replace them safely and quickly – with no fuss!

    At Kald Gart Doors, we believe that repairing our customers’ garage doors is not the only job we have. We also educate you on how to take care of them so that you will not have to call us repeatedly for recurring problems. Our job is to ensure that your garage doors work properly, with parts that will function smoothly for years to come.

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