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    Commercial Garage Door Repair Calgary

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    Commercial overhead doors are essential, just like a residential one. Both are used all the time and provide safety.

    While residential overhead doors are for homeowners, commercial ones are for business use.

    A commercial overhead door keeps the goods and ensures that the operation is continuous throughout the year. Because once it malfunctions, all operations would come to a halt. This leads to increased costs for the company.

    It’s essential that you visually inspect your garage door regularly. You’ll not only see minor damages, but you’ll also prevent it from cascading to significant problems.

    If you spot any issues with your commercial overhead door, you can count on Kald Gart Doors to repair it for you.

    We are a garage door repair company in Calgary serving for over 15 years. With this, we know how to deal with garage door problems – whether it’s a residential or a commercial type.

    Meanwhile, these are some common problems with commercial garage doors – and know what you can do about it.

    Broken Cables

    The damage to cables largely depends on the spring system’s type and condition of your garage door.

    If your garage door has a torsion spring type, the cable usually breaks, making it immobile.

    Fortunately, you can easily spot a broken cable if your door is shaking or emitting a squeaky sound.

    Once you find this problem, call a professional garage door repair in Calgary to do the repair and replacement for you.

    On the other hand, if you have an extension spring type, the cable simply serves as a support. Hence, it can only be damaged due to wear and tear.

    Make sure to inspect the cable regularly to see signs of rust and corrosion. Once you notice signs of breaking, you need to replace them.

    Worn-out Rollers

    Rollers are responsible for moving the door along the track.

    Moreover, types of roller can be nylon, plastic, or metal. Depending on the type, it will wear out differently.

    Some types of roller decrease in size and some will wear out due to frequent usage. Metal rollers, on the other hand, are the most durable ones but are susceptible to rust.

    Regardless of the roller type you have, if it’s showing the above signs, you need to get it replaced immediately, or you’ll affect the door’s operation.

    Broken Tension Spring

    You can immediately spot a broken tension spring if your garage door does not rise or it suddenly falls.

    Tension springs cause your door to move up and down and usually have a cycle of 10,000 and above before it gives up.

    However, it will begin to wear out after its lifetime. It is also vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

    Once you spot a damaged spring, tap an overhead door repair company to replace it for you. It’s not wise to fix it yourself as you might expose yourself to injury during the process.

    Misaligned Tracks

    Tracks easily wear-out because of the frequent movement of the garage door along with it.

    But it’s even more alarming if something hits the door, causing the door to be off-track.

    Once the tracks are misaligned, the rollers might ruin it, or the motor might overheat because it’s trying to operate within the tracks.

    Once you detect a misaligned track, don’t prolong the issue as it can affect your door’s operation, which could lead to more damages.

    A professional overhead door repairman will either repair or replace it depending on the severity of the issue.

    Damaged Panels

    You can easily recognize a damaged panel because it’s mostly a cosmetic issue. But, it can also disrupt your garage door’s operation.

    Luckily, if a single panel is damaged, you only need to replace the damaged part which can save you from trouble.

    However, if the entire panel is damaged, call a professional overhead door repairman to replace it for you.

    Reliable Commercial Garage Door Repair in Calgary

    If you happen to find these issues on your garage door, don’t worry because Kald Gart Doors will do the repairs for you.

    We’re located in Alberta’s most populous city, Calgary, and we have been serving the area for over 15 years and counting.

    If you find your garage door malfunctioning at the most unexpected time of the day, call us right away. We provide garage door emergency services around the clock.

    Don’t worry about your garage door disrupting your business operation because we will be there right away.

    If you need a commercial garage door repair in Calgary, call us now! Witness how we do our work!

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