Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

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    Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

    Adjusting and Tuning The Tracks Can be a Pain

    If your garage door is not working properly, it could be because the garage door tracks have become misaligned.

    These are the metal tracks on which your garage door runs when you open or close it.

    The problem is that these tracks can get misaligned.

    This can happen because of the weather – the freezing winters we experience here in Calgary can damage the tracks. It could also be because of daily wear and tear.

    Or the misalignment could take place because someone backs into the garage door (or other such impacts).

    Whatever the reason for the misalignment, you will need to call a professional to carry out the repairs.

    Misaligned Tracks on Overhead Doors

    Of all the issues that you could face with your garage door, a misaligned track is one of the most problematic.

    Misalignment happens when the rollers that roll on the tracks of your garage door are no longer aligned.

    If this problem is not addressed immediately, the problem will keep getting worse.

    It could reach the point where the tracks are completely damaged, and the door could fall of its tracks and come crashing down on the ground.

    The thing is, most of us don’t even realize that the tracks on our garage doors are misaligned until the door stops functioning properly.

    By this time, you will need to get major garage door repair work done such as replacing the tracks completely.

    And if the problem is bad, then other parts too may need repair or replacement.

    Signs That Show You Need Garage Door Repair

    Here are some of the signs you should look out for that will tell you that you need to call in a garage door repair company to fix the door tracks:

    • There are gaps between the tracks and the rollers. We tend not to look up and check the condition of our garage door tracks, but we should make this a habit. A quick look to check if there are any gaps between the rollers and the tracks. If you notice that not all the rollers are sitting on the tracks as they should be, then it means the tracks have become misaligned.

    Of course, if the damage is more severe, you will actually be able to see the bent track.

    This would entail an urgent call to a garage door repair company such as Kald Gart Doors.

    • Garage doors are noisy when you open and close them. But if you notice a change in the nature of the noise – rubbing or grinding noises that are not normal – then you might want to check those tracks.
    • You may even notice that your garage doors no longer open and close smoothly. There may be points where they rise or descend more slowly. This is clear indication that the tracks are out of alignment.

    Why Call a Garage Door Repair Company?

    Trying to adjust or replace your garage door tracks is not something you should be attempting on your own.

    Most of our garages are equipped with overhead doors.

    This means that the tracks are also placed on the ceilings of our garages.

    Re-aligning or replacing them needs to be done by a trained professional.

    Special tools are required, and specific safety measures need to be taken.

    The entire door needs to first be checked to ensure that only the tracks are an issue.

    Many a time, misaligned tracks that have been neglected for a long period will cause further damage to your garage door, thereby complicating the issue.

    If you’re lucky, it could be a simple fix where we will readjust the tracks by tightening or loosening the screws and realigning them with the rollers.

    When we say simple, it means that it does not require replacement – not that the job is easy.

    Even a simple readjustment such as this requires the utmost care when you talk about overhead door repair.

    Severe damage such as corroded metal parts, bad dents in the tracks, or the tracks are simple too worn out, then we would recommend that the tracks be replaced completely.

    This is because now the tracks have become a safety concern.

    So, if you notice anything wrong with the tracks, then its time to call Kald Gart Doors for garage door repair in Calgary.

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