How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Roller

How to Replace a Broken Garage Door Roller

Your garage door rollers are what make it easier to lift your door open without any unnecessary noise and the like.

They also guide your doors so as not to accidentally have them imbalanced due to unwanted friction on the tracks.

However, just like every other component of your garage door, your garage door’s rollers will eventually wear out.

When this happens, it can lead to a lot of potential issues with your overhead garage door like noisy garage doors, jammed doors, etc.

The good thing is all you need to do to keep all your problems away is to have your garage door’s roller replaced.

If you want the answer to the question of how to replace a broken garage door roller, then you have come to the right place.

Keep reading below and you will have the answer to your questions.

Fixing a broken garage door roller

Replacing a broken garage door roller can be easier than you think. Compared to replacing springs or cables, this can be considered a piece of cake.

Still, before you can proceed with the task at hand, there are still some things you need to know.

There are two main types of rollers on your garage door’s entire mechanism – the top rollers and the bottom rollers.

Depending on which one you are replacing, the steps may vary.

Aside from the technical knowledge about rollers, you will also need some equipment which will be used to remove the defective rollers.

Before starting on your task at hand, make sure you have the following tools:

  • Pliers
  • Ladder
  • Replacement garage door rollers
  • Screwdriver
  • Clamp
  • Claw Hammer

Preparations for the task

To prepare you for the actual task and as well as to ensure your personal safety, make sure you perform the following tasks below.

The first thing you will need to do is to open your garage door completely.

You can either lift it manually or use your door’s opener to do the task.

After that, make sure that your garage door opener is unplugged from the outlet and disconnected from your garage door.

If your opener is hardwired into your system, then turn off the breakers or fuse that provides power to it.

Lastly, clamp your door’s track to make sure that your door does not fall down on you suddenly.

Do these three to make sure that you are safe while you are doing the replacement.

There is nothing better than knowing that you are working in a safe environment after all.

How to Replace Bottom Rollers

Bottom rollers are the rollers located on the bottom side of your tracks.

To replace bottom rollers, follow the easy steps below and it should do the trick.

#1 Choose a section on your garage door’s tracks to pry open. This is so that you can remove the rollers you need to replace.

Once done, pull your rollers such as it is located near the area where the tracks were pried open.

#2 Remove the rollers from the tracks. You can pop the rollers by using the pried section on the tracks and sliding it free,

#3 Free the rollers from the brackets that are holding it. All you need to do is slide it away and you should be able to detach your rollers from the brackets.

#4 Place the new rollers into the brackets and reinsert them into the tracks through the previously pried open section.

#5 Once done, fix your pried open tracks and test your newly installed rollers.

How to replace the top rollers

Replacing the top rollers can be a bit more complicated than the bottom rollers.

To change your top rollers, here are the things you need to do.

#1 Clamp your door’s tracks about one foot away from the bottom of your overhead door.

After that, place a hand clamp on your door’s bottom area and hold it tightly with the clamps.

This will ensure that your door will not accidentally fall on you during the operation.

#2 Using the ladder, reach out to the area where your top roller is located. Once access is possible, pop out the top rollers. This will allow you to remove the rollers and replace them.

#3 Replace the defective roller with the new rollers.

#4 Deform your tracks a bit to allow your roller to pop back in. It should take some effort but nothing impossible to do. You should be able to do it on your first try.

#5 Remove the clamps and test your garage door’s functionality.


And that’s it. Follow all the steps diligently and you should do just fine. You will know if you have correctly installed your door’s rollers as your door will be functioning as it should, otherwise, there may be something wrong with your set-up.

If the instructions above seem a little bit difficult to grasp, you may refer to this video for reference purposes on how to replace garage door rollers.

Have we fully satisfied your curiosity regarding the topic of how to replace a broken garage door roller? We certainly hope so.

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