How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

How to Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

A photo-eye is the same as a garage door sensor.

They are both in charge of securing your safety.

A garage door is a massive door made of heavy material, and when this falls on you, one of your family members, and even your pets, they could die from the incident.

The role of a garage door sensor is essential to keep you and your family safe.

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Reasons Why Your Photo Eyes Are Malfunctioning

There are many reasons why garage door sensors may malfunction.

It could be because it is already worn out and needs a replacement, or maybe it could be that your photo eyes are misaligned.

Other reasons could be because of the accumulation of dirt around the photo eyes, the brackets are damaged, or there is simply a foreign object blocking both sensors.

Garage doors may not close or open correctly when the photo eyes are not working well.

If you have a garage door that opens by itself, consider checking the sensors.

It is essential to know how to fix garage door photo eyes so you will be able to address minor problems and save your money.

However, it would be best to ask for professional assistance regarding the replacement and repairs of your sensors.

Things That You Can Do to Fix Your Photo Eyes

Before trying to fix your photo eyes, you must first try to inspect and investigate what your problem is with your garage door.

Different situations require different solutions.

That is why we need to evaluate the issue first for us to apply the appropriate solution.

1. If your garage door partly closes and retracts open again, you might want to check if any objects such as toys, rugs, shovels, and the like are in the way of the garage door. This blocks the light beam of the photo eyes prompting it to open the door.

2. Check if your sensors are dirty. Dirt can quickly build up in your photo-eyes because it is constantly exposed to the dust and dirt of the road. You can use a small piece of cloth and an old toothbrush to remove gunk and grime gathered around the sensors.

3. Examine if your sensors are aligned. Garage door sensors are made of aluminum. They are lightweight and can easily be moved and damaged, so it is essential to check them from time to time. You can adjust your sensors by manipulating them using your hand and positioning them at an even angle. Moreover, this is best done during nighttime since you can see the beam of light better.

4. Inspect if your brackets are deformed. Misshapen brackets can cause the photo eyes to become uneven. You can shape the bracket by lightly tapping it with a rubber mallet.

After applying all the suggestions above, test your garage door to see if the solutions you have used are effective. Simply close and open your garage door a few times, making sure that it can fully open and close.

If the problem is still present, you might want to consider calling and asking for professional help.

You must keep in mind that making adjustments and changing certain parts of your garage door all by yourself is dangerous, especially if you are not fully equipped and are not guided by an expert.

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When you own a parking space with a garage door, knowing how to fix garage door photo eyes is essential and may come in handy in times of need.

For instance, when your garage door won’t open, and you have to get to an important meeting or work, you will not have the time to call and wait for a professional to fix them for you.

Instead, you can repair it on your own, only if the problem does not involve electrical wirings.

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