How To Fix A Garage Door Opener Chain

How To Fix A Garage Door Opener Chain

Some of us doesn’t know how to fix a garage door opener chain, it is uncommon that our chain will be loose over time there are guides we can find to help us mend the problems of our garage door opener chain, but if we are hesitant, we can call Kald to help us fix our garage door opener.

How can we troubleshoot the loose chain in our garage doors?

If we have a chain that is knocking on our rail or is loose, we must not fret, for this is just one of the everyday things that can happen with our garage door, mainly if they are operated with a chain drive opener.

Our garage door chains can become slack because we use them every day, and the vibration is caused by the weight of the door and motor.

We need to tighten our garage door chains.

We must do this regularly.

Having a noise chain is annoying as it is making unnecessary noises aside from it.

It also makes our opener do more work, making our garage door’s entire system less useful.

It can also make our garage door jump our track.

Kald can adjust our chains when they conduct maintenance checks for our garage doors.

How can we tighten our garage door?

Adjusting our garage door chains is so simple; we need to turn the nut right.

We can locate it through the bolt located in the carriage or trolley that connects our rail.

Our trolleys are responsible for pulling or pushing our opener arm with the garage door chain.

We can also see a rope hanging, and we use that rope to disengage and engage our opener.

We must first disengage our opener and disconnect our electricity:

Before we start our project, we must also make sure that we are safe while doing this job.

We must close our garage doors, and then we can disconnect the electricity if we are not sure how we can call the Kald for help.

Disconnecting our electricity is one of the most important things we must put in mind.

Then we can disengage our garage door from its opener.

We then locate our adjustment bolt:

We must look into our trolley assembly.

We can find a bolt on either side of it.

If we tighten our adjustment nut, it will increase the tension of our garage doors.

We then loosen our locking nut, and we must screw the adjustment nut:

We can use a half-inch wrench or adjustable for us to ease the locking nut of our garage door.

We also then tighten our adjustment nut, which will increase the tension in our chain.

We shall screw our chains until they settle in the midpoint.

We must tighten the chain too much as our garage door chain might wear out.

Most experts also recommend that we shall only tighten it loosely.

We can now re-engage our opener and reconnect our electricity:

We can re-engage our garage opener; we can reattach it by opening our doors using the button in the wall.

After doing the steps, we can then perform a test:

We can assess our garage door by closing and opening our garage door to ensure that our problems are already solved.

Types of garage door openers

There are four types of garage door openers we can choose from, but all of them come with a motor that can move a trolley. Here are the types of garage door openers we can find.

  • Chain Drive: The chain drivers are best used for our garage doors detached from our homes. But if our garage is just under our bedroom or living room, we might want to choose another type of garage door opener.
  • Belt Drive: If our garage area is located near our bedroom or living area, this drive is the most recommended garage door opener for us.
  • Screw Drive: If we are looking for a vibration-free garage door opener, the screwdriver is the best recommendation. It is also noise-less, which makes it even better.
  • Direct Drive: This is the most uncomplicated garage door opener because its motor can move the trolley.


If we don’t know how to fix a garage door opener chain, it is recommended for us to call the experts to ensure our safety, and we are assured that our garage doors are in good hands.

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