How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

Many are experiencing problems with their garage door opening on its own or not closing at times.

It’s not a ghost that is doing it.

It’s possible that you’re dealing with a clogged sensor! Make sure your garage door sensors are free of debris and clean with no big objects in front of them as well.

You can save a dollar by cleaning your sensors and tightening the wingnuts on end.

Kard Gald Door pros will share how to clean garage door sensors to keep the sensor clean and running smoothly.

Understanding Garage Door Sensors

Since 1993, garage door safety sensors have been required in the United States on all garage door openers.

Whether mechanical or photoelectric, all systems must be in perfect working order for your garage door to function safely.

In this post, we’ll give you some pointers on photoelectric sensors, also known as “eye-beam” sensors.

When electricity is converted into an infrared beam of light, these garage door sensors operate.

This light is emitted from a sending device that sits 4 inches off the ground on one side of your garage door.

It sends the light beam to a receiver on the opposite side of the garage door.

Signs Garage Door Sensors are in Trouble

The door will suddenly stop and reverse to prevent crushing injuries.

Unfortunately, if the garage door sensors are misaligned, the door will behave erratically.

If your garage door has any of these issues, check for obstruction or misalignment in the garage door sensor:

  • Sudden halts and reversals
  • Flashing lights, either on the overhead portion or on the sensors themselves

Reasons Garage Door Sensors are in Trouble

Truth is, human error is the usual cause of misaligned or malfunctioning sensors.

The photocell system could be misaligned if the sensor is inadvertently struck, for example.

Other possible factors are:

If the mountings aren’t tightly secured, repeated garage door operation will cause the sensor to vibrate out of alignment.

  • The beam of light may be broken by dirt on the transmitting or receiving sensors.
  • Sunshine will sometimes fool the receiving sensor’s mirror, causing the device to believe the sensor beam has been broken.

Solve Garage Door Sensors Problem

Fortunately, misaligned or obscured sensors can be easily corrected.

Only a few tools are required:

To inspect the status of the sensors

  • screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdrivers

To help keep the work area clean and the lenses clean.

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Rags

Cleaning Tips

According to Kald Gart Door pros, this is how to clean garage door sensors.

1. Schedule your work to allow you to work in the shade. Infrared sensors are inconsistent, and they can be fooled by bright direct sunlight.

2. Turn off the sensors’ control.

3. Clean the area around the sensors, paying particular attention to the sensors’ ‘eyes.’

4. To re-align the beams, keep the wall control in your field of vision (or enlist the aid of a friend), then adjust the sensor device slowly. A red LED light will flash if the beam is misaligned. Simply switch the sensor until it stops flashing, then tighten it up.

5. A pinched wire may cause the voltage to the sensors to drop, causing them to work some of the time but not others.

If this is the case, you would be unable to service the sensors because the casing is sealed.

Either fully rebuild the beam system or contact a garage door specialist in your area.

However, most garage door sensor issues can be resolved by simply re-aligning them, ensuring worry-free operation for the door’s life.


Sensors are essential not only for the operation of your garage door but also for the safety of you and your family when using your home garage.

Call for assistance if you think your controls are defective and your garage door is malfunctioning.

Our specialists will assist you in identifying the issue and safely completing the repair.

Bottom Line

The garage doors are filthy! Recurrently, the issue is as easy as lethargies, leaves, dust, or covering the protection eyes.

If the grime is particularly dirty and blocking the signals, and unsoiled, dry cloth or towel can easily remove it.

This is more likely to happen in the spring as the leaves start to fall.

Maintain a clean garage floor round gate sensor at all times.

Remember that garages may be located indoors and outside of houses, so debris accumulates normally.

Thus, always check this first if the door is having trouble closing.

If this won’t work, call us and let the Kald Gart technicians handle that.


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