Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair

Looking For a Company to Fix Those Garage Door Cables?

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If the cables on your garage door are damaged in any way and you are looking for garage door repair in Calgary, then we at Kald Gart Garage Doors can help you.

A garage door is a system made up of multiple parts, working together seamlessly to ensure that the doors open and close smoothly. If even one part gets damaged, the door will not function properly, stop working and be a danger to those using it. As certified professionals in this field, we know exactly how to fix any problem related to garage doors.

Garage Door Repair for Cables

One of the most critical components for the safe functioning of your garage door are its cables. If these get damaged, the safety of the door is compromised.

Garage doors usually have two different types of cables, and both are crucial to the smooth functioning of these doors.

The first are the lifting cables – they are what connect the springs to the overhead doors and help in their effortless lifting and lowering. There are two of these cables attached on either side of the door, and if even one is broken or damaged, then you will notice that your door will not open or close evenly. And when the damage is really severe, the doors will stop working.

The second type are the safety cables. These cables are used in extension springs (garage doors can use either torsion springs or extension springs) and they extend from one side of the frame, through the springs to the other side. Here, it is attached to the hook screw holding the spring. The purpose of this cable is to prevent the spring from causing serious harm if it breaks.

Watch Some Videos

There are many videos what show you how to carry out overhead door repair work on your own. Minor maintenance repairs such as tightening screws, oiling hinges, cleaning roller tracks and so on are things you can do yourself.

Dealing with moving parts – especially when they are connected to the springs – is extremely dangerous. Those springs are coiled and hold enormous tension, and if you make a mistake, they could unwind. They do not unwind slowly – they whip open, and when they do, they release deadly force. There are cases of being getting killed or maimed when trying to fix parts such as cables or springs on their garage doors.

It is because of the risk of serious injury that you need to call in professionals like us. We used specialized equipment when handling such dangerous job and we are trained to watch out for the dangers associated with repairing garage door cables.

Signs that the Cable is Broken and You Need Garage Door Repair

Here are the signs that your garage door’s cables may be broken, and you need to call us:

The Door is Not Opening Properly

If you notice that your garage door is not able to open properly, that it is struggling to open, then its cables could be damaged in some way. This is the time that you need to call Kald Gart Doors to carry out repairs immediately.

You See Some Loose Cables

If you see some loose cables hanging besides the garage door, it is an indication that they have snapped.

The Cables Are Worn Out

Another sign that your garage door cables need replacing is that they are worn out. Cables are like ropes and they fray. And with the kind of stress they are put under, cables will start to weaken, and the individual wires will start to snap.

Call Us for Your Garage Door Repair

It is wise to remember that a broken cable may also be a sign of more serious damage that your garage door may have. Broken or weakened cables are usually just a sign that the door springs are failing.

Therefore, instead of waiting for your cables to break, it would be a better idea to check them regularly, and at the first signs of them weakening or fraying, call us to have them replaced.

We will carry out a complete check of your garage doors to ensure that it is only the cables that are the problem. This way, we ensure that your garage door is fixed correctly and that it will no longer be a danger to you or your family.

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