Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    When a car is being used every day, some parts are bound to wear out and need to be replaced.

    That is why car companies worldwide offer periodic maintenance services, a program in which the car owner sends his or her car to the shop to have it checked.

    This is very important, as the car companies’ experts conduct maintenance services to cars to keep it performing in top condition.

    Regularly checking on the garage door‘s condition is equally as important.

    That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the things to check for any Calgary homeowner looking to know if their overhead doors are still in good running conditions.


    If at least one of the garage door’s torsion springs are broken, the garage door noticeably becomes crooked.

    This is because the broken torsion spring can no longer support the weight of the garage door.


    The rollers are an integral part of the functionality of the garage door.

    Broken garage door rollers can either make the opening and closing of the garage door noisy or even jam the garage door in its tracks.

    It’s not that hard to check for wear and tear on the garage door’s rollers as they visibly crack, chip, and make screeching noises when opening and closing the garage door.

    Thoroughly inspect the rollers for any visible and audible signs of damage.


    Aside from the torsion springs, the cables are what help support the overhead door’s weight.

    Frayed cables are a telltale sign that the cables need to be replaced.

    Note that garage door cable replacement cannot be done without a professional’s help as the cables’ high tension makes it very dangerous to handle, so any homeowner with cables that need replacing should contact a garage door repair company in Calgary to have it replaced and well maintained.

    Spring Bar

    The spring bar is the part of the garage door that holds all of the springs.

    As the garage door opens and closes, the spring bar turns in the process.

    Check for bending and rust signs, as bent or rusted spring bars can potentially ruin the rest of the garage door’s hardware.

    Vertical and Horizontal Tracks

    It’s essential to check the garage door’s tracks, as just a little debris or rust could disrupt how the garage door runs through the tracks.

    A bent garage door track can also damage the rollers as the garage door opens and closes.

    A bent overhead door track can disorient how the rollers are positioned and keep putting unnecessary stress on the rollers, which will shorten the rollers’ lifespan.

    Tilted rollers can also potentially damage or loosen the garage door’s roller brackets.

    If the garage door’s tracks are bent or filled with debris, contact a garage door repair company to fix the problem immediately.

    Top and Bottom Roller Brackets

    The garage door’s roller brackets are responsible for holding the rollers in place.

    The garage door’s constant opening and closing can loosen up the brackets and cause the roller’s movements to become a bit jittery and twitchy.

    If the garage door’s roller brackets are coming a bit loose, tightening them up should be fine.

    Any homeowner can replace broken roller brackets, but it is important to remember that one should never replace the bottom roller brackets without an overhead door repair company.

    This is because the cable attached to the bottom roller brackets is under high pressure, and if mishandled, the cable can snap and seriously injure anyone near it.


    Responsible for keeping many things out of the garage (such as water, debris, and even insects, to name a few), the weatherstripping is an important part of the garage door.

    Over time, the weatherstripping can become brittle and would stop serving its purpose.

    If the weatherstripping needs replacing, any homeowner can easily replace their garage door’s weatherstripping, as it is readily available at most of the hardware stores located around Calgary.

    While anyone can hire any garage door repair company listed in Calgary, it doesn’t hurt any homeowner to know what to inspect when checking for their garage door’s condition.

    However, it’s best to leave the maintenance and repair to companies that offer professional garage door servicing, as you can rest assured that they can tune your garage door to the way it should be.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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