Calgary Weather Impact On Your Garage Door

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    Calgary Weather Impact On Your Garage Door

    Even if it is also a means to add to the value of the property, garage doors are primarily installed to take care of the security and protection of the home against external and natural forces all year round.

    Overhead doors do not only secure the house from burglars but also from natural elements such as weather and harsh climate.

    During rainy days and storms, flooding may be inevitable.

    Garage doors ensure that water does not enter and damage possessions stored inside.

    During winter, they are also in standby to prevent the snow from getting in or cold winds from trespassing and freezing items and the living beings inside.

    Because doors that provide heavy protection and convenience for storage and transactions are susceptible to damage, it is important to learn what the weather can do to it.

    Calling for a garage door company in times of needed overhead door repair is not enough, as knowing the cause and preventing it from happening again can save the door and the homeowner itself the trouble of having to go through restoration once more.

    As such, these things are what the weather can possibly do to overhead doors.

    Cold Weather

    1. Damage the mechanisms

    Extremely cold weather can damage the system and parts of the door, mainly because it can result in the lubricants becoming thick and sticky.

    This, in turn, will impact the operation of the door in terms of opening and closing, as it becomes very difficult for the system to move due to the viscosity.

    Furthermore, it can strain the door and eventual damage and what might be an inevitable replacement.

    What homeowners can do about this is to ensure that the tracks of the garage door are lubricated by using a lubricant for all weathers that will make it resistant to extreme cold.

    Regular maintenance and performance of this method can save the door from eventually being inoperable.

    2. Brittle the springs

    Springs can also be affected by the cold, resulting in an increased chance of failure for its mechanism.

    When the metal turns cold, it can contract quite into a degree, consequently stiffening the springs and making the basic operations increasingly difficult.

    Like a basic maintenance method, lubricating the springs may help protect it during the winter.

    3. Freeze the door

    Naturally, when water pools during the winter, it becomes iced cold, along with the melted snow.

    As it freezes within the area of the door, it can also freeze the door shut, thus damaging the door and preventing it from opening.

    If this happens, call for a garage door repair company immediately.

    Hot Weather

    1. Swelling of wooden overhead doors

    If a property has a wooden garage door, then it might be more vulnerable to swelling during the summer.

    Moisture in the wood can cause it to swell, thus putting it at risk of cracks and, eventually, splitting.

    They may rot too, as it is able to soak up liquid during humid conditions.

    Applying a coat and protective paint may prevent the humidity of the hot season from affecting it.

    An automotive wax can also supply protection plus a shiny and new look to it.

    2. Sensors may be affected

    The rays and heat of the sun can impact the garage door opener’s sensors for quite a time.

    Openers typically have a photo eye that detects obstacles and prevents the door from closing for safety purposes.

    The sun’s glare might interfere with the sensors in the photo eye and thus prevent the door from closing even without an object below.

    Putting a shade in the form of cardboard to protect the sensors might be able to protect it from the glare.

    Whether it is a cold or hot season, professional overhead door repair can easily be done by companies.

    When damages and faults arise from the impact of the weather, homeowners should reach out to a professional.

    Services for garage door repair in Calgary are available for expert repair needs.

    While doing it on one’s own may be more affordable, it is not worth it.

    Do not attempt to fix these kinds of home features, for this may result in more problems as well as injuries due to the dangerous nature of parts and mechanisms of an overhead door.

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