Annual Garage Door Maintenance

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    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Annual Garage Door Maintenance – Overhead doors are fragile units despite being made of durable materials.

    That is why an annual garage door maintenance and inspection is being driven by many homeowners, especially those that own garage doors that are already old and are vulnerable to damage.

    For peace of mind, the best move to make when dealing with garage door maintenance calls for professional help.

    They have the tools to conduct the maintenance properly, but they are also well-versed about the whole field, therefore reducing the chances of further complications and accidents.

    While it is thoroughly advisable to always trust the experts when it comes to things like these, people without enough budget may still do something without breaking the bank.

    DIY is here to the rescue!

    Visual Inspection

    Before attempting for a garage door repair, a visual inspection must come first.

    It doesn’t have to be too long as faults and symptoms can be easily seen by the naked eye regarding the exterior parts of the garage door mechanisms.

    However, the interior is a different story, and homeowners shouldn’t pry it open and do the inspection themselves.

    In this part, the experts should always be the ones who are in charge of making sure that everything is correctly in place.

    To start the visual inspection, the garage door must be closed so that the equipment’s entirety can be easily observed.

    Important exterior parts such as pulleys and cables must also be regarded as even a minimal bend that can damage the garage door if left for a long time.

    Visual inspections are crucial to solving problems without spending that much money on the diagnosis.

    Any homeowner can hire a garage door specialist with enough information and have them work on the problem right away.

    Garage Door Balance Checking

    One way to determine if a garage door spring is working correctly is through a balance test.

    It consists of many stages, and depending on the type of garage door, they can be easily modified.

    Uneven Surface – One of the most common pieces of evidence that a garage door is suffering internal malfunction is a rough surface.

    It is more than enough to conclude that professional help is much needed.

    Unwanted Noise – When noise is present when a garage door cycle is being performed, cables, bearings, and other internal parts may collide.

    These noises often come from individual components; however, it is very tricky to deal with this scenario.

    Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance

    While garage door repair in Calgary and replacing parts are almost impossible to pull off by a simple homeowner, there is one thing that they can effectively do: cleaning.

    Much like other equipment present in any household, garage doors need cleaning now and then, not just annually.

    An overhead door repair isn’t needed for cleaning, as it would only add up to the expenses.

    While a garage door repair company has more tools than an ordinary household owner, these tools aren’t necessary for making the whole equipment functionally clean.

    Cloth, mop, and water are more than enough to make the exterior presentable.

    Cleaning is also essential as the materials being used on garage doors attract dirt 24/7, especially those made out of steel.

    The chances of this type of door getting rust are also very high, which is not something that homeowners would like to experience.


    Lastly, several parts of the garage doors need lubrication to function correctly.

    Aside from that, it is also a useful tool to use for reducing the noises that are being produced.

    The good thing about lubricants is that they are widely available in many hardware across Calgary, making it a worthwhile investment.


    An annual garage door maintenance is a massive time frame, although garage door specialists advise homeowners to check on their equipment at least once a month to prevent any damages.

    For safety and peace of mind, hiring experts to do the maintenance is the best approach possible.

    It’s not only a good investment, but it is also an exemplary commitment that helps improve the overall lifespan and health of a garage door.

    For your annual garage door services needs, garage door repair companies are always willing to assist!

    Any type of repairs is possible, and expert technicians can thoroughly adjust depending on the budget.

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