Overhead Door Will Not Close? These Could Be The Reasons

Overhead Door Will Not Close

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    Overhead Door Will Not Close? These Could Be The Reasons

    Something is Blocking The Door

    Overhead Door Will Not Close – If something blocks the door, closing it altogether would be impossible — although this issue should be obvious, it should not be overlooked.

    You might want to double-check your garage and the overhead door track to see if any object might be hindering the door from closing.

    Malfunctioning Safety Sensors

    Most homeowners don’t usually find out that their safety sensors are already working improperly.

    These sensors can be found on the bottom area of your overhead door— not exceeding six inches above the ground.

    These sensors send signals across the doorway to distinguish if there is any interference when the door’s closing.

    If both sensors are not receiving power, your overhead door will fail to close all the way.

    Supposedly, these sensors are safety features, but it can be quite annoying when issues like this occur.

    If the root cause is a sensor failure, you may need to purchase a new pair of sensors and replace the faulty ones.

    Unparalleled Safety Sensors

    In many cases, the photo eyes are working correctly; however, they emit a constant signal to your overhead door that something is in the way.

    This would immediately result in misalignment.

    This circumstance usually happens if one sensor was hit or got moved out of place.

    To give convenience, most sensors are built with a light that informs you whether they are aligned or not;

    when the light is on and radiant, it means that both sensors are functioning well.

    Contrarily, if it’s blinking, it might be an indication of a certain complication.

    This problem can usually be resolved through a quick reset.

    Damaged Door Springs

    Overhead doors heavily depend on different springs to function with ease.

    If any of the springs are damaged, it could misalign the door and not let it close properly.

    In this case, just to be safe, we recommend leaving the job to a professional from the garage door repair company in Calgary.

    Contact them now to schedule an appointment.

    Damaged Overhead Door Cables

    All overhead doors depend on some wiring to lower the door properly.

    If any of these cables are damaged, homeowners will not be able to fulfill the job accordingly.

    Although a thorough visual inspection should be able to spot any damaged cable,

    it’s best to ask for professional knowledge for you to obtain a proper assessment of what exactly needs to be done most, especially as it involves electric cables.

    Door Travel Limit Configuration Issues

    An issue regarding your travel distance setting on your door can be one of the possibilities too.

    Most overhead door openers contain a default alarm to notify the homeowners when their overhead doors will be closing, which can be set upon installation.

    However, if the setting is too high, the overhead door will be stopped halfway from the actual ground.

    On the other hand, if the setting is too low, the overhead door will “think” that it has hit something when it’s actually hit the ground.

    Either way, in this case, you will need to adjust the door travel limit setting.

    While it may be true that various opener models have different ways of repairing, this one is commonly done with knobs on the unit’s machine itself.

    Overhead Door Will Not Close – Damaged Tracks

    Finally, if the track responsible for carrying the overhead door down has been bent or otherwise damaged, it may also hinder the door from closing properly.

    If the tracks are blocked, a basic removal of the blockage should be done and must be enough to restore the proper operation of the device.

    Otherwise, you may need to consider a track replacement.

    Doing Repairs On Your Own

    As you’ve noticed, most of these complications of Overhead Door Will Not Close can be easily repaired on your own.

    For instance, if something is blocking the door, you can easily move the object, and hopefully, the door will then return to its regular operation.

    However, some problems are better left to the professionals, especially if the damage involves some areas that you lack knowledge of.

    If this is your current situation, your best bet is definitely to call a professional from the nearest garage door repair now who will be able to evaluate and handle your problem immediately.

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