How To Open A Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open A Garage Door Manually

    How To Open A Garage Door Manually – Automatic overhead doors provide us convenience and security, but what if your door won’t open automatically?

    Save yourself from the hassle and call the nearest garage door repair in Calgary now.

    Manually lifting your overhead door can probably fix some issues; however, you must secure your situation first.

    While it may be true, be advised that attempting to open a dysfunctional overhead door can cause more severe complications to the door and even put you at risk of possible injury.

    If you are struggling to open your overhead door, you may either have: a broken spring, loose door cables, a door removed from the track, a malfunctioning overhead door remote control, or an electric failure/outage.

    In these situations, it is essential to understand and get yourself familiar with how to open your overhead door manually.

    No matter the reason, you definitely want to know how you can open your device.

    Below are the things you can do to open your overhead door manually:

    Through an emergency release cord

    Overhead doors come with an emergency release cord to use during the most unexpected situations.

    Usually, the release cord, colored Usually, the release cord, which is a red rope and pull handle, can be seen hanging close to the ceiling.

    It can be found on the opener rail close to the door.

    This cord disengages the overhead door from its opener — allowing you to open it manually.

    To use the cord, follow the steps below:

    Locate the cord and pull it steadily

    In that way, the overhead door will be detached from the opener, which will allow you to open it manually.

    Moreover, note that the lever is spring-loaded, so you must pull the cord with enough force to lock it properly.

    Lift the overhead door

    On this step, you might want to ask help from others if you need it.

    Using both of your hands, carefully raise your overhead door.

    If the door is still challenging to open, check if you were able to detach the lever properly, then try again.

    Important note: Do not attempt to force the door if there is resistance as it could lead to possible harm, and it may also be a sign that your door is already damaged.

    Secure the door accordingly

    You must make sure that you do not let go of the door until it is secured & fastened.

    Note that the springs on your overhead door hold it, so it must remain open on its own while you operate it manually.

    Otherwise, your door might possibly have some defective springs if it cannot remain open.

    If you were able to open it and you have managed to take other items out from the garage, but you still notice some issues, immediately contact an expert technician.

    After all, it is best to schedule an appointment with a professional service from the nearest overhead door repair to keep you safe and educated.

    Furthermore, just in case you need to use the emergency release cord of your overhead door, kindly be reminded of the precautionary measures below.

    • If you are releasing an open door, clear the area first (just in case the door falls/closes suddenly).
    • Make sure that the overhead door is closed before you inspect or work with the door.
    • Ask help from other people if you cannot lift your overhead door.
    • After the manual work on your overhead door, remember to lock it manually as well before leaving.
    • This precaution allows you to secure the overhead door and the rest of the items in your garage, even at times of electrical failure.
    • Make sure that the door’s manual lock is not in use if you are having trouble opening your overhead door.

    You absolutely do not want to get caught in an emergency without the release cord.

    Thus, ensure that you do a regular check to confirm if everything is working correctly; make sure that you have installed the cord, and you know how to use it as well.

    For this purpose, most especially if you are uncertain about your overhead door release cord, it is always a smart decision to reach out to a garage door repair in Calgary and the surrounding areas offering the most reliable and trusted overhead door services.

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