Garage Snow Removal Tips

Garage Snow Removal Tips

Winter brings its own challenges, and for homeowners with a garage, snow removal becomes a critical task. But fret not; we’ve got some essential tips to help you manage garage snow like a pro. From using the right tools to preventive maintenance, we’ll cover it all.

Essential Tools for Snow Removal

Before we get into the tips, it’s important to equip yourself with the necessary tools.

  1. Snow Shovel: Opt for one with a wide blade and ergonomic handle.
  2. De-icing Salt: Essential for melting ice formations.
  3. Broom: Helps brush off the snow from garage doors.
  4. Snow Blower: Efficient for large driveways.
  5. Ice Scraper: Perfect for removing ice build-up on doors.

Expert Snow Removal Tips

  1. Start Early: It’s easier to remove fresh snow than packed snow. Hence, try to shovel periodically rather than waiting for the snow to accumulate.
  2. Use Salt Sparingly: While salt can melt ice, overuse can damage your garage door and driveway. After snow removal, consider cleaning and inspecting your garage door’s photo eye to ensure no salt residue is blocking it.
  3. Clear the Entire Driveway: Make sure to remove snow from the entire driveway to prevent any icy patches from forming.
  4. Stay Safe: Always wear appropriate winter gear. Slippery surfaces can be dangerous; ensure you have good traction shoes.
  5. Protect Your Garage Door: Heavy snow leaning against your garage door can damage it. Keep snow away, and if you notice any issues, refer to this guide on common garage door repairs.

Table: Impact of Snow on Garage Door Components

Component Impact of Snow Tips
Door Track Can get jammed Regularly clean the tracks and remove any snow build-up.
Sensors May get blocked Wipe them clean and ensure no snow is blocking the sensors.
Springs Can freeze Check for any damages and seek professional repair if springs are broken.
Bottom Seal/Weatherstrip May stick to ice Regularly check and replace weatherstripping when worn out.

Why Choose Us?

At Kaldgart Doors, we’re more than just garage door experts. Our vast experience in the field ensures that we understand your needs, especially when it comes to winters in Calgary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my garage door from freezing shut?

By ensuring that the bottom seal is free of ice and snow. Regularly check the door’s weatherstripping and consider installing a heater or using a de-icer.

Can snow damage my garage door opener?

While snow itself may not damage the opener, the extra weight or ice formation can strain the opener. It’s crucial to understand your garage door and its components.

How often should I check my garage door during winter?

At least once a week. Regular checks can help you spot and fix issues like jammed garage doors before they become major problems.

Is it safe to use a snow blower near the garage door?

Yes, but maintain a safe distance to prevent any accidental damage. Ensure that the snow discharge is directed away from the door.


Ensuring your garage and its door are free from snow is not just about aesthetics; it’s about safety and prolonging the life of your garage components. With the right tools and our expert tips, you can make garage snow removal a breeze this winter.

Have more concerns about garage door maintenance or repairs? Don’t hesitate; contact us today!

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