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    Garage doors prevent dirt, water, and waste from entering your garage.

    Now, if you see them in your garage, it’s time to inspect your garage door.

    Your garage doors’ bottom and side seals might have cracks since these are responsible for keeping out external elements.

    And if they crack, expect the horror of dirt, waste, and potential break-ins, which we don’t want to happen in the first place.

    For this reason, it’s essential to replace the seals in your garage door.

    Thus, we will discuss other problems a cracked garage door weather stripping in Calgary can wreak havoc and how to replace it.

    Frequency in Monitoring and Changing the Weather Seals

    Fortunately, it’s easy to inspect weather seals as you can do it no matter the season.

    Most importantly, it’s essential to keep them in check way before you see cracks for preventive purposes – or else, you’ll end up replacing them.

    When inspecting the seals, check all sides of your garage door, and see if cold or warm air is coming inside or leaking outside.

    If they do, replace the weather seals right away.

    Another way is to turn on your lighter and place it near the edge of your door.

    If the light turns off or on the verge of blowing the smoke, it’s time to check the seals.

    With this in mind, you can call for a garage door repair such as Kald Gart Garage Doors for a weather stripping replacement.

    However, if you’re curious about how to do it yourself, read more as we’ll explain the steps later in the article.

    Different Weather Strippings

    Like garage doors, weather strips come in different styles and sizes.

    There are newer styles to cater to newer garage door models.

    Also, there are older ones in the market to replace the existing seals of the old garage door models.

    Weatherstripping comes in varying sizes, shapes, attachment systems, and contours according to the type of door you own.

    To make sure you choose the appropriate weather stripping, it would be best to call for garage door services such as Kald Gart Garage Doors.

    Instances You Need a Weather Stripping Replacement

    A garage door weather stripping in Calgary is essential, or else you’ll be risking safety to your garage and your home.

    Therefore, we will discuss some of the indicators for replacing your weather seals for good.

    Noisy Road

    It’s natural to hear a bit of noise from outside your garage door.

    However, when the noise starts to heighten, check the condition of your weather seals.

    Weather seals trap the noise outside to keep it from coming in.

    Hence, replace the weather stripping as soon as you hear heightened noise from inside.

    In this way, you won’t have to wear earphones to get a good night’s sleep or to disturb other members of your family.

    Leaks and Cracks

    Weatherstripping also prevents water from entering your garage, especially during the wet seasons.

    That being said, as soon as you notice condensation around the windows of your car, even if they are closed, you might want to check the weather seals.

    Of course, don’t forget to check the back doors too as the water could enter there.

    With this in mind, replace them if you see leaks and cracks.

    Inability to Prevent Air From Coming In

    Weather seals do not just cancel out noise and water leaks; they also separate the heat from outside to enter in, and vice versa.

    As soon as the heat or cool air starts to enter your garage, you might find using more of your AC or heater.

    For this reason, replace the weather seals so you don’t have to spend more money in spending for utility costs.

    Steps in Replacing The Weather Seals

    Now that you’re sure you’re encountering the problems above, it’s time to replace your garage door seals.

    Furthermore, it’s also easy to spot cracked and damaged seals.

    Once you spot a damaged weather seal, it’s also important to replace the other ones.

    IN this way, you solved the problems with your seals, preventing you from revisiting the issue in the future.

    Fortunately, there are garage door weather seals available in the market. If you’re unsure, you can bring your existing seal in hardware.

    Then, follow this procedure:

    1. Detach the old seals.
    2. Then, clean the surface from any adhesive where the old stripping was located.
    3. After, apply a weather seal adhesive along the track.
    4. Press the weather seals carefully and align to ensure they are placed along the track.
    5. Let it dry before you use your garage door again.

    On the other hand, if you avoid the hassle of doing all the work, you can always count on Kald Gart Garage Doors to perform a garage door repair or replacement for your weather seals.

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