All You Need To Know About A Garage Door Tune-Up

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    Garage Door Tune-Up

    Garage Door Tune-Up – One of the most essential parts of the modern-day house is the garage.

    From parking cars to storing valuable items, garages have become a key room to have in any house today.

    In order to protect what’s inside the garage, however, the garage door needs to be in top condition.

    Whether it’s tightening up a few loose screws or just checking out the garage door’s condition, these quick and easy garage door tune-up tips are perfect for any homeowner looking to fine-tune their overhead doors at home.

    Inspect for Loose Hardware.

    Garage doors are almost always used daily.

    The constant opening and closing of the garage door, coupled with the vibrations, can make some of the hardware loosen up.

    Inspect all of the garage door‘s roller brackets and bolts.

    If some of the roller brackets and bolts have loosened up, be sure to tighten all of them up.

    This is especially important for the bolts, as they hold the rails to support these brackets.

    Inspect the Rollers.

    Wear and tear on garage door rollers aren’t at all hard to spot, as most types of rollers, especially nylon rollers, tend to visibly crack or chip as they are used over time.

    However, on steel rollers, you can definitely tell when they’re beginning to wear out when their bearings deteriorate, and their wheels become slanted.

    Any homeowner can replace their own rollers, and they’re not that hard to find.

    Rollers are available at almost all of the hardware stores and home improvement stores located in Calgary.

    However, it is important to remember to never remove the bottom roller bracket.

    The cable attached to the bottom roller bracket is under a significant amount of pressure.

    Lubricate the Chain or the Screw.

    It is important to keep the garage door’s chain or its screw well lubricated.

    Lubricating the chain or the screw will make the garage door’s opener work smoother and much more quieter.

    Any homeowner should lubricate the chain or the screw at least once a year with white lithium grease, which is also available in spray-on type lubricant.

    While lubricating will extend both the chain and the opener’s lifespan, some screw openers don’t need to be lubricated.

    To determine if the garage door’s screw should or shouldn’t be lubricated, it is best to consult the owner’s manual or hire professionals from a garage door repair company if the manual isn’t available.

    Lubricate the Door’s Springs.

    It is also important to keep the garage door’s torsion springs or its extension springs.

    Lubricate the door’s torsion springs or its extension springs with a lubricant like white lithium grease or a cleaner like WD40.

    After lubricating the torsion springs and the extension springs, there’s no need to wipe off the excess lubricant.

    Keep in mind that all torsion springs or extension springs will deteriorate and eventually break over time because of metal fatigue or rust.

    That being said, lubricating the overhead door’s springs will definitely help prevent the springs from rusting.

    If the garage door’s torsion springs or extension springs break, it is best to leave the job of replacing them to overhead door repair companies that know how to handle springs and the like properly.

    Replace the Weatherstripping.

    Due to the constant exposure to changing weathers, among other things, the overhead door’s weatherstripping can become brittle over time.

    When the weatherstripping has worn out, it is best to replace it or have it replaced.

    Any homeowner can replace the weatherstripping on their own, as it is fairly easy to do and could be done in about twenty minutes or so.

    On wooden garage doors, the old weatherstripping can be removed with a flat pry bar.

    To install the new weatherstripping, attach the wide angled side of the collar of the flange of the weatherstripping to the inside of the bottom of the garage door.

    Attach one end of the weatherstripping to the door by using an inch sized galvanized roofing nail, then pull the weatherstripping across the bottom of the garage door and nail the other end of the weatherstripping.

    After both ends of the weatherstripping are nailed in place, place a few nails in the middle of the weatherstripping.

    This will help guide you as you place a nail every three to four inches enough to cover the whole weatherstripping and hold it tightly in place.

    Garage Door Tune-Up – Conclusion

    While these tips are what any homeowner can do to tune up their own garage doors, most of the maintenance for garage doors is best left to professionals.

    Don’t hesitate to contact and hire the services of the many garage door repair companies listed online and locally around Calgary, as they know your garage door best!

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