Garage Door Spring Replacement Service

Garage Door Springs: Which Are The Most Reliable

Garage door springs are a crucial part of the mechanism that helps in the smooth functioning of your garage door. When the springs wear out, the door may not operate properly, causing inconvenience and potential safety risks. In such instances, professional garage door spring replacement services come to the rescue.

Garage Door Spring Types and Replacement Costs in Calgary

Our professional service is efficient, timely, and affordable. The following table breaks down the costs and time required for the replacement of different types of garage door springs in Calgary.

Spring Type Cost to Replace in Calgary (CAD) Time Required
Torsion Springs $150 – $200 2 – 3 Hours
Extension Springs $100 – $150 1 – 2 Hours
Wayne Dalton Springs $200 – $250 2 – 3 Hours

Why Choose Our Services?

We have extensive experience in offering top-notch garage door repair services in Calgary. Our team of expert technicians is trained and equipped to handle any spring type and door model. We are committed to delivering fast and reliable service that exceeds customer expectations.

Our 24/7 availability ensures you never have to deal with a malfunctioning garage door for long. Plus, our garage door maintenance services can help prolong the lifespan of your door and its components. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our happy customers have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do garage door springs last?

Garage door springs generally last between 7 to 9 years with regular usage. However, the lifespan can significantly depend on the level of maintenance and care, usage frequency, and the quality of the spring. To extend their life, regular maintenance is key.

How can I tell if my garage door spring is broken?

You may notice a loud bang from the garage, the door may become extremely heavy to lift, or it might seem off-balance. The door could also rise only partially or not at all. To avoid injury or further damage, reach out for professional spring replacement services.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door springs myself?

Yes, replacing garage door springs can be very dangerous due to the high tension in the springs. It’s highly recommended to hire professional services for the task.

Can I replace one spring or do I need to replace both?

If one spring breaks, it’s generally a good idea to replace both, especially if they were installed at the same time. Springs tend to wear out around the same time, and replacing both ensures balanced operation.


Whether you’re dealing with a sudden spring break or preventative maintenance, our professional garage door spring replacement service in Calgary ensures a smooth, safe, and efficient solution. With our team’s expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your garage door will function optimally.

Don’t let a faulty spring throw a wrench in your day. Reach out to us for fast, reliable, and affordable garage door spring replacement service in Calgary. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

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