Childproofing a Garage Door in Calgary

Childproofing a Garage Door in Calgary

Safety is paramount when it comes to households with children, and one area that often gets overlooked is the garage door. Childproofing a garage door is essential to prevent accidents and ensure a secure environment for children to play. Here’s how you can childproof a garage door in Calgary.

Secure the Garage Door Opener

Always place the garage door opener out of reach of children. Kids are naturally curious and can inadvertently cause the door to close or open, posing potential risks.

Use Photo Eye Sensors

Ensure that your garage door is equipped with photo eye sensors. This safety feature stops and reverses the garage door if an obstruction is detected, preventing injuries.

Install Handles and Controls at Adequate Heights

Place handles and controls at a height that is not accessible to children, thereby eliminating the risk of unauthorized access and operation.

Lock the Door

Lock any doors leading to the garage to restrict access. This way, children can’t enter the garage without supervision.

Table: Childproofing a Garage Door in Calgary

Action Purpose Additional Notes
Secure Openers Prevent unauthorized access Use a high shelf
Install Sensors Avoid injury due to obstructions Test monthly
Adequate Heights for Controls Restrict operation by children Above 5 feet
Lock Doors Limit access to the garage Use childproof locks

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Routine garage door maintenance is crucial. A well-maintained door operates smoothly, reducing the chances of malfunction and accidents. Also, regular inspection helps in identifying and fixing any issues on time.

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We specialize in childproofing garage doors in Calgary, offering a range of services designed to enhance safety. Our team is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule maintenance for my garage door?

Routine maintenance, at least once a year, can help in identifying issues early and extending the life of the garage door. Regular garage door tune-ups and repairs are essential to maintain safety standards.

How can I teach my children about garage door safety?

Educating children on the dangers associated with garage doors is crucial. Teach them never to play near or under the garage door and to keep fingers away from door sections to avoid pinching.

Are there specific garage doors that come with advanced child safety features?

Yes, many modern garage doors come with enhanced safety features such as photo eye sensors and automatic reversal mechanisms to ensure child safety. Consider upgrading if your current door lacks these features.

Can I install additional safety features to my existing garage door?

Absolutely. It’s possible to retrofit many garage doors with safety sensors and other advanced features to improve child safety.


Childproofing a Garage Door in Calgary is a critical component in maintaining a safe environment for children. Secure the door opener, install safety sensors, place controls out of children’s reach, and lock the door to the garage to prevent accidents. Regular maintenance and educating children about garage door safety are also crucial.

If you’re in Calgary and need professional services to childproof your garage door, contact us. We provide top-notch services aimed at enhancing the safety and functionality of your garage door, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

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