Broken Garage Rollers Repair

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    Broken Garage Rollers Repair

    Broken Garage Rollers Repair

    Having broken garage door rollers makes it hard for the garage door to move.

    It produces a grinding noise. And this needs immediate attention.

    Leaving those broken garage rollers unattended can further damage not just the garage rollers but also the tracks and the garage door mechanism itself.

    Causes of Broken Garage Rollers

    Over time it will undergo wear and tear.

    And here are some of the causes for your broken garage door roller.

    • Quality of the garage door roller.
    • The overhead door’s weight.
    •  Twisted or crooked tracks.

    You must have proper maintenance for your garage door. Lubricate each garage door parts frequently.

    What Are The Signs That Your Garage Door Roller Needs Repairing?

    Here are some of the indications that you will notice in your garage door.

    • Your garage door roller has noticeable cracks and missing parts.
    • The garage door is noisy during its operation and is hard to neither close nor open.

    If you find these signs on your garage door then you must repair them immediately.

    Fixing Broken Garage Door Rollers

    Here’s how you can fix a broken garage roller.

    Rollers Off-Track

    1. Aligned the garage door rollers on the track.
    2. You can either open the track to slide in the rollers and then close it.
    3. Or you can remove the hinges and slide in the rollers. Then, put the hinges back.

    Replacing Garage Roller

    1. Unscrew the hinges.
    2. Take out the old roller and replace it with the new one.
    3. Slide your new roller onto the track and screw back the hinges.

    Broken garage rollers repair could be easy.

    But the above fix is applicable for top and center rollers only.

    For the bottom roller, you will need extra caution.

    Because the garage door cable is attached to it.

    Garage Door Repair Company in Okotoks

    If you are not confident in doing the repair, then you can contact us.

    Kald Gart Doors is a reliable and trusted garage door repair company in Okotoks.

    You can count on us for those tough garage door repairs and maintenance.

    We also install overhead doors of any kind.

    Contact us now and we are ready to serve you.

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