Why You Shouldn’t DIY Garage Door Repair

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    Why You Shouldn't DIY Garage Door Repair

    Why You Shouldn’t DIY Garage Door Repair – Whether on a budget or simply not knowing who to contact, homeowners sometimes choose to fix and repair things around the home independently.

    While it can save money, some things at home need repairing and maintenance should be done professionally.

    One of the things that experts should handle is the repair and maintenance of the garage door.

    Handling the garage door’s inner and outer workings without the help of a professional can actually be hazardous to the homeowner.

    Below is a list of problems with garage doors that any homeowner could encounter that should best be left to a professional garage door repair company.

    1. Worn-Out Rollers

    Garage door rollers are the parts of the garage door responsible for the smooth opening and closing of the garage door.

    There are different kinds of rollers that can be installed on the garage door, such as nylon rollers.

    Nylon rollers are rollers that make the opening and closing of the garage door quieter than nearly all of the rollers available in today’s market.

    Rollers are a very crucial part of garage doors.

    Incorrectly installing rollers can cause more damage to the garage door’s performance in the future, which is why the replacement of broken rollers should best be left to professional overhead door repair companies.

    2. Broken Torsion Springs

    One of the garage door’s most sensitive parts is the torsion springs, which usually have life spans of up to seven years.

    In most cases, these torsion springs are under a tremendous amount of tension, which means handling these without a professional’s supervision can unknowingly cause damage to the garage door itself.

    Not only will the homeowner possibly destroy the set-up of the whole garage door (which will most probably cost more than hiring an expert to replace just the torsion springs), it is also hazardous to handle torsion springs without the proper knowledge and equipment, as they might snap and possibly harm the homeowner due to the huge amount of tension.

    3. Frayed Or Snapped Cables

    Just like the torsion springs, garage door cables are also under a tremendous amount of pressure and tension, as both the torsion springs and the cables are made out of galvanized steel.

    Overhead doors are heavy on their own, which is no surprise that the cables supporting overhead doors can also wear out over time.

    Garage door cables can also snap, which is why DIY repairs are highly discouraged, as it can severely maim or injure an unknowing homeowner.

    These cables should be regularly inspected and maintained by professionals, making sure they’re adequately lubricated and still in working condition.

    4. Dented Panels

    The most common garage doors available today are sectional garage doors, which are garage doors consisting of four panels.

    Whether by heavy winds, constant exposure to the changing Calgary weather, or even a homeowner’s car, these panels are prone to damage.

    Sometimes the damages that these garage door panels take are a bit serious and definitely need replacing.

    A garage door repair company’s services are needed in replacing broken panels, and unfortunately, cannot be done by the homeowner alone.

    5. Blocked Or Rusted Garage Door Tracks

    If the garage door’s tracks are either bent, rusty, or filled with dirt and debris, those tracks need to be carefully inspected and dealt with by a garage door repair expert.

    When the overhead door’s tracks are blocked or out of shape, it can damage the rollers or the other hardware of the overhead door.

    In order to avoid any serious problems, contact a garage door repair professional to have the tracks cleaned and well maintained.

    6. Technical Difficulties

    Nowadays, most garage doors are automatic, which means that they run on electricity and technology.

    Unless a homeowner is knowledgeable in repairing electronic machinery, it is best to leave this repair to the experts.

    Messing with the automatic garage door opener’s wirings can sometimes lead to a great deal of or even irreparable damage.

    There are times when homeowners prefer to take matters to their own hands and try to fix things around the house by themselves.

    Occasionally, DIY repairs without the proper help and services of a professional can actually cause more damage to begin with.

    There are many garage door repair companies in Calgary, some of whom have been fixing and maintaining overhead doors for years.

    When it comes to any garage door problems, it is best to leave it to them.

    Any Calgary homeowner can sleep soundly at night, knowing that their garage door issues were carefully and adequately handled by the best overhead door repair professionals.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

    Servicing garage doors for over a decade has thought me a thing or two about garage doors. In this blog I will try to share with you all I've learned over the years. I hope you find these tips helpful for a DIY fix before paying for a technician. If you still need help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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