Why Is My Garage Door Not Working?

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    Why Is My Garage Door Not Working

    Why Is My Garage Door Not Working – Despite being technologically advanced equipment, garage doors are still prone to damages and malfunctions.

    When this happens, residential owners would typically call for a garage door repair service.

    While it is the most optimal way to deal with garage door problems, it is still a good thing to know why they stop working or why a garage door repair in Calgary is needed in the first place.

    This article will shine the light on these concerns and hopefully educate those curious about the topic.

    Disruption on the Power Source

    Garage door repairs in Calgary are often being done because of a diagnosis of a failed power source.

    Many factors make a power source not functional, and it varies depending on the circumstances.

    It means that overhead door repair needs to modify their approach when dealing with this problem since each customer may have different root problems that cause that power source disruption.

    Remote Control Not Working

    Modern overhead doors are now mostly relying on wireless technology, and the existence of remote controls streamlines the process even more.

    Gone are the days that physical buttons are needed for doors to open.

    However, one flaw that remote controls possess is that they are straightforward to receive errors and malfunctions, as most of them aren’t built sturdy enough.

    Luckily, a garage door repair company can quickly fix this by replacing or reprogramming the remote control itself.

    While it is possible to operate a garage door without the remote control, it is still much better to have one as a form of convenience.

    Broken Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are some of the core materials of a garage door, and a broken one would undoubtedly render the whole equipment useless.

    However, the good thing is that torsion spring breaking is relatively easy to deal with since it only needs to be replaced.

    Fixing a torsion spring isn’t advised as it could impose future threats to the whole garage door.

    While replacement can be an expensive venture to commit to, it is still a much safer and cheaper decision than spending more money on attempting to fix a broken one.

    Cables Require Adjustments

    Aside from torsion springs, cables are also a pretty big deal for automated garage doors.

    Even if one line broke, the whole mechanism may experience difficulties or even go as far as malfunctioning.

    Because of its fragile nature, cables require inspection now and then to ensure that they can still withstand a couple of years of working.

    To do this, a local garage door specialist can be called and perform the inspection and conduct a possible diagnosis if there are faults found on the mechanism.

    Obstacles and Stuck Materials on the Door

    Many materials are notorious for becoming obstacles for garage doors, as even those that are small in sizes can quickly get a door stuck for long.

    It is also a bit tricky to deal with as symptoms may be the same as other garage door problems.

    Nevertheless, the best thing to do when there is a suspected obstacle is to call for professional support as prying open the mechanism to check personally is not advisable.

    It is dangerous and not optimal for fixing the problem at hand.

    Blocked Photo Eye

    Lastly, the door’s photo may also be blocked by something.

    Garage door photo eyes are still present in today’s market because of its price.

    However, the problem is that they are sensitive and very easy to get blocked, leading to many complications when detecting people from several feet away from the garage door.

    In case a photo eye isn’t functioning properly anymore, it can be easily replaced with cheap alternatives and even expensive ones that are proven to last for a long time.

    Why Is My Garage Door Not Working – Conclusion

    Most of these overhead door problems are easy to fix and even be replaced.

    However, the main problem is that they are hard to detect and often require a professional garage door service provider diagnosis.

    Nevertheless, it is still recommended to wait for an expert to deal with these problems as they have the best experiences and tools at their disposal to get the job done as soon as possible.

    We specialize in many other things, and with enough time, we can pinpoint the problem of any garage door!

    Call now and discuss your garage door problems.

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