What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track?

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    What's Wrong With Your Garage Door Track

    What’s Wrong With Your Garage Door Track – Owning a garage door means that homeowners should know the different parts of what makes a garage door opener the way it is.

    The huge structure that makes up the entire garage door isn’t the door, but the metal railing found on the door opener’s side is the garage door tracks.

    Vertically connected to the horizontal tracks on the garage door’s ceiling, garage tracks serve as the support that helps the garage door carry its weight upon usage.

    Stainless steel is a notable material that homeowners should keep an eye on purchasing good quality and durable garage door tracks.

    However, these tracks can cause misalignment or broken rollers without proper maintenance despite how robust garage door tracks are.

    The immediate thing that homeowners do when experiencing these types of problems on their garage door tracks is to call the professional to immediately fix the situation.

    Before doing so, there are ways to identify the garage door track’s main problem without complicating oneself after figuring out the real cause of the issue.

    Below are some possible defects that one should be aware of when experiencing something wrong with the garage door tracks.

    1. The garage door tracks are misaligned

    Upon consistent usage of the garage door, the tracks tend to become misaligned over time due to the continuous shaking motions the door that can get the garage door track jammed from its original position or causing dents.

    A solution to this problem is adjusting the garage door tracks, but changing the garage door tracks can be complicated.

    Calculating the garage door track’s exact measurements and its area is just the surface of the repair process.

    There are other things that one must avoid when it comes to adjusting the garage door tracks, especially when attempting to do a DIY repair since one wrong move could cause the entire contraption to break apart.

    Accidents like these can cause homeowners to spend extra, not only on the damages but also on the possible injuries that the accident might have caused.

    Calling a local garage door repair in Calgary for professional help is advisable when fixing a misaligned garage door track becomes complicated.

    2. The garage door tracks are dirty

    One of the common issues that homeowners face when owning a garage door opener is leaving it dirty for a long time until it causes a problem.

    Garage doors face different external factors every day to protect the family vehicle and other storage items found inside the garage; such factors include dust.

    Some homeowners tend to neglect this duty because of the idea that garage doors can withstand such elements, when in fact, ignoring to clean the garage door tracks, in the long run, can shorten its lifespan.

    Piled up dirt can significantly affect garage doors’ performance, along with the garage door’s tracks and rollers.

    Upon closer look at the garage door tracks, there is a hollow part wherein dirt can clutter up on it and mix with the lubricated area, causing rust build-up when left ignored for a long time.

    Take the time to have a cleaning schedule, clean the garage door tracks,

    brush the garage tracks with an old toothbrush or a spare rug and apply a generous amount of lubricant for the garage rollers to roll smoothly along the garage door tracks.

    3. The garage door rollers are defective

    Another essential tool that helps the garage door function is typically the rollers and sits alongside the garage door tracks.

    Door rollers can come in two types of material: steel and nylon.

    Nylon rollers are resilient and hardly do any damages while going up and down the garage door tracks upon usage.

    Moreover, nylon rollers can be replaced easily by purchasing new packs once they become damaged.

    On the other hand, steel rollers are most likely to become damaged and cause more complications towards garage door tracks when not given proper maintenance.

    When the garage door starts to let out annoying screechy noises upon usage, the sign of a damaged roller immediately inspect the tracks to see any scratches made by the defective door roller and have them replaced.

    For more information on finding out what’s wrong with the garage door track, contact the local garage door repair available in Calgary;

    not only do they offer garage door repair but also for overhead doors.

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