Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

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    Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

    It is interesting to know that there are still homes with manual overhead doors.

    Since the upgrade is quite expensive, the cheaper maintenance is one of the primary reasons other people stick with manual overhead doors up to date.

    However, if you are a homeowner in Calgary who has a manual overhead door, should you upgrade to an automatic one?

    If you are interested in purchasing an automatic overhead door, here are a few things you should know about:

    1. The automatic overhead door has exclusive safety features

    Overhead door openers are manufactured with exclusive safety features.

    These features come with a photoelectric eye around the overhead door’s base to prevent the door from closing most, especially if there is something underneath the doorway.

    On the other hand, some doors come with a timer that causes the door to close after it has been opened for a maximum of 10 minutes.

    However, the latest overhead door openers feature a personalized rolling-code system that makes your garage more secure.

    This system comes with a remote control that automatically sends a brand-new code to the overhead door every time the lock button is pushed.

    This system prevents intruders from using a device called “code grabber.”

    Important note: never buy a secondhand overhead door opener.

    If the overhead door opener is outdated, it may not include the required safety features that can eventually keep your family safe.

    Even if it is the latest overhead door opener but still a secondhand, the safety features might have maintenance issues that could lead to potential danger.

    Never trade your family’s safety at a cheaper price!

    Buy a new overhead door opener now to ensure that everything works in absolute condition.

    2. It also contains a battery backup generator

    Battery backup is the most convenient feature that the latest overhead door opener got.

    In case of a power outage, its battery backup allows you to easily control the overhead door by just one press on the button.

    Therefore, an automatic overhead door model is best recommended to people who frequently experience power outages.

    3. It is built with unique and updated features

    On the same note, smart features are another edge of a modern overhead door opener.

    This feature links the overhead door opener to the user’s personal phone, tablet, and other gadgets enabling the user to be still in control.

    Unquestionably, smart features provide convenience and a different level of safety.

    However, not all modern overhead door openers are built with smart features,

    so it is best to directly ask a professional overhead door technician near your area to address your concern and evaluate your needs!

    Nevertheless, despite the warm welcome made by many homeowners, automatic overhead doors still have drawbacks.

    These top four drawbacks below could be a great help for someone to form a final decision.

    3. Excessive price value

    Note that all of those futuristic features come at an exceptionally competitive price.

    As mentioned, it might also be one of the reasons why some people are still hesitant to get one because, in the first place, automated overhead doors should be the standard by now.

    4. A longer time is required for installation

    Since all of the features offered require a high-tech security system, an automatic overhead door would take more time to install.

    Not only that, but it is also necessary that the configuration setting is accurate before powering the entire device up.

    6. Difficult to fix/repair

    When an automatic overhead door requires repair, the equipment and other paraphernalia required would definitely cost very high.

    Hence, it is advisable to look for a professional overhead door just within your area to make sure you get the system a thorough check, and you get to know what needs to be done specifically.

    7. An automatic overhead door is NOT suitable for any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects

    Homeowners who prefer repairing their household equipment are easily discouraged by many professionals.

    Not only due to their insufficient knowledge and tools involved, but also for safety.

    Simply because some electrical parts are being wired inside the automatic overhead door, which is quite dangerous and complicated to deal with — most especially for those people who do not possess enough experience.

    To put it differently, upgrade if:

    • You want to have a more advanced device installed in your household.
    • You want to enhance the safety and security of your overhead door as well as the entire household.

    On the other hand, do not buy if:

    • You have a limited budget, as installing an automatic overhead door can cost you a lot.
    • You want to DIY everything.

    It is not recommended to fix an automatic overhead door on your own as it would impose many risks.

    At some point, an automatic overhead door upgrade will be necessary.

    If that happens, the only thing you need to do is contact a trusted, professional overhead door maintenance technician.

    Clearly, it is a must for you to do a bit more research and figure out exactly which kind of overhead door will serve your entire home the best.

    If you are a homeowner hoping to install an automatic overhead door, you may contact our reliable, professional technicians from a garage door repair in Calgary.

    Our experts will be more than glad to address all your concerns and guide you throughout the process of purchasing your first automatic overhead door.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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