Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

Are you still struggling with a manual garage door every day? If so, you’re missing out on the convenience, security, and added value of an automatic garage door. Here’s why you should consider Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model.

Benefits of Upgrading to an Automatic Garage Door

  • Convenience: No more lifting heavy doors. With a click of a button, your garage opens and closes.
  • Safety: Automatic doors have essential safety features that prevent accidents.
  • Security: With advanced features, they offer better protection against break-ins.
  • Increased Home Value: Modern automatic garage doors enhance curb appeal and home resale value.
  • Weather Protection: With Calgary’s unpredictable weather, an automatic door offers protection against the elements.

Detailed Table: Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door To An Automatic Model

Features Manual Garage Doors Automatic Garage Doors
Operation Manual effort Remote or app-based
Safety Basic, depending on human vigilance Advanced sensors & auto-reverse features
Security Standard locks Advanced locking & alarm systems
Maintenance Regular physical checks Periodic electronic checks & updates
Cost Generally less expensive Higher initial cost but long-term benefits

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise in garage doors isn’t just about installations. We offer:

  • Comprehensive garage door solutions.
  • Years of experience with both manual and automatic doors.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Affordable and transparent pricing.
  • Professional and highly trained staff.

Service Areas: Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane, and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do automatic garage doors need maintenance?

Regular maintenance is vital for longevity. It’s good practice to have an annual garage door tune-up and to follow a maintenance checklist.

Is the transition from manual to automatic a lengthy process?

No, the transition is quite smooth. Our team ensures minimal disruption, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of your new door in no time.

Can I install an automatic garage door opener on my old manual door?

Yes, in many cases, existing manual doors can be equipped with new automatic openers. However, compatibility and condition of the door should be checked.

What if my automatic garage door opener malfunctions?

Firstly, always ensure safety. If the door isn’t operating correctly, don’t force it. Reach out for professional help. Many issues, like a jammed garage door, can be fixed promptly by experts.


Transitioning from a manual to an automatic garage door is a game-changer. It offers unparalleled convenience, enhanced security, and can even increase the value of your home. Whether you’re tired of wrestling with a heavy manual door during Calgary’s cold winters or looking for a home upgrade, an automatic door is a worthy investment. Discover the benefits today and contact us to make the switch.

Feeling unsure? Dive deeper into the differences between electrical and manual garage doors to make an informed decision. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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David Martin

David Martin

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