Top Garage Door Brands in Canada

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    Top Garage Door Brands in Canada

    When it comes to home security and storage, owning a garage door opener is always the best choice for a household upgrade and long-term investments.

    The garage is a crucial part of the average Canadian household.

    Most folks would use it as an extra room for parking the family vehicle, storage room for old furniture, a work area wherein homeowners fix and repair their household items—even as a spare bedroom for other family members.

    There are many things one must deliberate when it comes to choosing the perfect garage door, the quality of material and design, and the budget.

    Moreover, searching the internet for options can be quite overwhelming, as one wouldn’t know where to begin and what to look out for in a good garage door brand.

    In the city of Calgary, there are numerous garage and overhead doors available for one’s liking, as even a garage door repair company not only offers repair services but also sells one of the best garage door brands available in the market.

    Finally, got a garage door brand in mind?

    Before purchasing a garage door brand, below are among the top three picks of the best garage door brands available in the Canadian market.

    Clopay Garage Doors—America’s Favorite Doors

    Since 1965, Clopay has manufactured robust, reliable, and long-lasting garage door openers that fit the style of every customer, may it be for residential or commercial purposes, Clopay has the right garage door for all.

    Clopay has provided numerous customers across North America with beautiful garage and entry doors that gave them the recognition of Pro Remodeler’s 2017 “Top 100 Products.”

    The garage door company aims for more sustainable production of their garage doors, producing energy-efficient and resilient eco-friendly garage doors.

    Furthermore, the Ohio-based garage door manufacturing company does not only offer a wide variety of garage doors made from the finest materials but also excellent installation plans upon transaction.

    Clopay’s mission is to match the vision that homeowners could provide the best garage door for their household, in design, and its purpose in household security in the years to come.

    Prices on Clopay’s garage doors may vary depending on the material, delivery, dimensions, and installations of the preferred garage door.

    Amarr Garage Doors—Noise Reduction Be Gone

    Amarr garage doors manufacturing company is notable for its garage doors, as they aim their focus on providing their customers’ sufficient insulations and noise reduction garage doors.

    Since 1951, the Amarr garage doors company has offered their garage door products to abundant customers across the United States, ranging from Mexico to Canada;

    Amarr garage doors continue to produce traditional and commercial garage doors.

    Their products have received excellent ratings, such as four-star reviews from garage door retailers and customers across the state.

    Moreover, Amarr garage doors are made of recyclable materials, maintaining sustainable and structural integrity in their garage doors.

    The price ranges of Amarr garage doors fit everyone’s budget, depending on the selected garage door variant.

    Amarr garage doors acknowledge the importance of proper insulation for garage door openers, thus, maximizing the energy efficiency provided by their garage door products.

    Raynor Garage Doors—Innovation for the Nation

    Raynor garage door manufacturing company has been one of America’s oldest garage door producers as of date.

    The Illinois garage door company started way back in 1944 and, until today, continues to produce four popularized residential aluminum and steel garage doors under their brand:

    Pan door, polystyrene, polyurethane insulated doors, and aluminum rails.

    Raynor also offers its customers commercial garage door openers such as rolling, sectional, agricultural, and high-speed fabric models adapted throughout the years of continuous production and innovation.

    Moreover, garage doors produced by Raynor have improved in strength and security, mainly because of the rapid change of weather that is happening in the country.

    Hurricane-proof garage doors are also available on the Raynor garage door catalog, ever since the beginning of their production decades ago with aluminum and steel garage doors.

    Raynor garage door manufacturer has also adapted to the change in technology.

    They have provided much better accessibility for their customers to check out their variety of garage door products online—customers can even select the customized color of their desired garage door.

    There are a lot more excellent garage door brands available in the Canadian market that are recommended by the local companies that specialize in garage door repair in Calgary upon transaction.

    Additionally, overhead door repair is also offered by these firms.

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