Top 3 Garage Door Failures And How To Fix Them

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    Top 3 Garage Door Failures And How To Fix Them

    Top 3 Garage Door Failures And How To Fix Them – The household garage door plays a huge part in securing storage items and the family vehicle from outside factors such as theft,

    harsh weather conditions, and unpredictable accidents that could destroy property.

    However, even with the strength provided by the garage door opener, homeowners tend to ignore proper maintenance as long as the garage door remains fully functional and wait until the door opener becomes defective to take action.

    One of the signs of a faulty garage door is when homeowners find it a struggle to close or open the door, and it ends up getting stuck halfway or when the garage door starts to make those irritating screechy noises upon usage.

    Save the stress and don’t wait for that day to come.

    Below are the top three garage door failures that homeowners should be aware of and provided with possible ways of fixing the situation.

    1.) The garage door opener fails to open fully

    Modern-day garage doors have a built-in automatic system in which opening or closing the entire garage can be less of a hassle than doing it by hand.

    However, these automatic garage doors’ components become sensitive without proper care, causing the garage door to open with failure.

    Due to the wireless power source that most automatic garage door systems need, it is better to hire a professional to handle electrical circuits to avoid further complications.

    In the case of chain or screw-operated garage doors, homeowners encounter this sort of problem commonly.

    It can be solved immediately by applying a generous amount of lubricant on the screws and chains;

    this reduces the friction caused by the force applied on the screws.

    2.) The garage door remote doesn’t work

    Along with the modern-day garage door comes the handy remote controller that brings convenience for homeowners in using the garage with ease.

    The garage door remote controller can connect to the automatic garage door’s system at a certain distance through wireless connectivity.

    However, there are times when the remote fails to function and causes distress to homeowners that are coming home from a tiring day and leads them to open the garage door manually.

    An obvious solution to this problem is buying a new pack of batteries and replacing the older ones inside the remote.

    Hopefully, that fixes the problem.

    Unfortunately, not all homeowners experience an immediate solution with a good battery change.

    The first thing that one must do is to inspect the signal or the motor unit of the automatic garage door;

    usually, the dust that piles up on the camera lenses that blocks the remote controller’s connectivity could be the leading cause of the garage door failing to open.

    Moreover, another reason why the automatic garage door‘s motor unit tends to malfunction is the misalignment of the antennae or its signal receiver, causing the remote controller to have difficulty giving the signal towards the system.

    The garage door’s constant usage can cause a slight misalignment on the antennae and the wirings of the gadget.

    One way of solving this problem is by making sure that the automatic garage door’s antennae are facing directly downward;

    this ensures that the next time the remote controller is in use, it can identify the signal it is sending from a distance immediately.

    Another way would be restarting the automatic garage door’s entire system.

    However, if after trying to restart the unit and the garage door still can’t come to open or close fully, homeowners should call the technician since handling a defective automatic garage door means troubleshooting with the use of electricity.

    3.) The garage door is getting affected by weathering

    The garage door’s strength is robust beyond measure, depending on the material it’s made out from.

    However, without proper maintenance, the garage door can easily fall apart in the long run, especially being affected by the harsh change of weather conditions.

    Most garage doors come with weather-proof material that prevents rainwater from entering through the garage door’s railings and causing rust on its metal parts.

    To some that don’t come with that type of tool, purchasing a water sealant for the garage door can be a solution.

    There are many more possible failures when it comes to handling garage door openers and solutions that are less of a hassle for most homeowners when it comes to experiencing these problems.

    Contact the local garage door repair in Calgary for faster transactions and professional, hassle-free service.

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