Steel Garage Doors – Pros And Cons

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    steel garage doors pros and cons

    The Pros And Cons Of Steel Garage Doors – Every house across the world comes in different shapes and sizes.

    Some are big, and some are small.

    Some are bland and basic looking, while some are quite extravagant.

    Some houses have garage doors, and some don’t.

    Even the houses that do have garage doors have different materials for their garage doors.

    Choosing the material for the garage door, however, is very important.

    Listed down below for any curious homeowner are the pros and cons of having a steel garage door.

    The Pros of Steel Garage Doors

    1. Cost-Efficient

    Steel garage doors are actually very economical.

    Although most homeowners prefer a wooden garage door rather than a steel garage door for its overall aesthetic and charm, having a steel garage door can actually save a lot of money.

    Because wood deteriorates over time, any homeowner with a wooden garage door would need to have it maintained every so often.

    Aside from the regular maintenance, the difference in cost between a wooden garage door and a steel garage door is quite significant, being that steel costs about a third of how much wood costs.

    In addition, steel garage doors are made up of numerous panels all hinged together.

    For a homeowner on a budget, replacing just one panel of the garage door costs significantly less than having to replace every panel of the garage door.

    2. Durable

    The sturdiness of a steel garage door can hold its own against the toughest of any weather Calgary has to throw at it.

    As listed above, wood deteriorates over time, which means that it might not hold out as good as steel against different weathers.

    On top of that, with wooden garage doors, all forms of water exposed to it already lessens its lifespan.

    3. Customizable

    Steel garage doors are much easier to customize in comparison to wooden garage doors.

    Steel garage doors can be stylized with different panels, various designs for windows and portholes, different colors and shades of paint, and a whole lot more to match or even enhance any home’s appearance.

    Regardless of all the good sides, a steel garage door has, they also have their cons.

    The Cons of Steel Garage Doors

    1. Bruisable

    There are times when parking can be a handful.

    Sometimes, drivers won’t notice how near or far they are from a wall, or in this case, the garage door, especially in the dark.

    Depending on the steel’s type and thickness, steel garage doors can easily be dented by cars or different objects.

    2. Insulation

    As listed on the pros side of the list, steel garage doors can be cost-efficient.

    However, that may vary depending on the quality and the amount of insulation of the steel garage door.

    Steel overhead doors with little to no insulation installed will waste a lot of energy and can drive up your bill, which is the complete opposite of what any homeowner wants, especially with cost efficiency in mind.

    Aside from that, having a steel garage door that’s poorly insulated or not insulated at all will filter little to no amount of noise.

    This might not be a problem for some, but having noise from the outside coming into the garage can become a bit aggravating in the future for a lot of homeowners.

    3. Rust

    Since steel is an alloy of iron and iron rusts over time and exposure to the elements, steel is also susceptible to corrosion.

    How long before it takes to rust and corrode all depends on the gauge of the steel.

    The higher the gauge of the steel used for the garage door, the weaker the steel is.

    The weaker the garage door’s steel is, the quicker it is for it to rust.

    Despite the few cons to having a steel overhead door, most homeowners actually still prefer steel for their garage doors over any other material.

    One reason for this is that the homeowner can maintain steel garage doors with things that can be bought at any hardware store or home improvement store.

    That being said, it’s still not a bad idea to contact any garage door repair company in Calgary, as the proper care and maintenance of any homeowner’s overhead door should be entrusted to professionals and experts that can do the job correctly.

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