Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

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    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Steel Commercial Roll-up Sheet Doors

    Steel commercial roll-up sheet doors are becoming quite the popular choice for those who are looking into the market for their commercial needs.

    And this comes for a number of reasons.

    The most obvious would be its affordability and versatility. They are better more durable than doors made out of other materials.

    Not only that, they are even more convenient and use up less space.

    If you plan to have your garage doors used in an area where protection should be considered a high priority, then roll-up garage doors would be a perfect choice for you.

    But what exactly are roll-up doors and what makes them a whole lot more preferable to those in need of a commercial garage door?

    Well, let’s find out.

    What are commercial roll-up doors?

    A commercial roll-up door is a type of garage door that functions by having its sheets flattened near the ceiling or actually coiled up on the topmost section of your warehouse.

    They are also considered as a great improvement in comparison to the conventional sectional doors we have nowadays.

    They still function the same way as your usual garage door but with the increased durability and security it offers.

    Now, there are two types of roll-up doors available in the market nowadays – the sectional roll-up door and the rolling sheet door also known as the true roll-up door.

    To give you an idea of what each of these doors has to offer, let us explain how each functions and how they differ from one another.

    Sectional roll-up doors are what you can consider as the household or residential version of true roll-up doors.

    Basically, they are made from thicker sheets known as sections which kind of flatten out on the top of your garage when it opens.

    While rolling sheet doors or commonly known as true roll-up doors are made up of thinner sheets and materials made to be flexible so that they can fit into the small coil area located on the top of your garage door as they roll-up.

    What are roll-up doors made up of?

    The common garage door would probably be made up of lightweight materials such as wood, fabricated steel, etc.

    Those materials are good enough to protect the vicinity from unwanted entry, theft, or to conceal the goods being stored inside.

    I am not saying this is bad, however, if you one a business, you wouldn’t like to leave your garage doors as vulnerable as this right?

    For better protection and other requirements aside from property use, roll-up doors should be a great option to choose from.

    True roll-up doors are made from strong steel strips which ride on the inside of your vertical tracks.

    When the door is lifted, these strips roll up into the coiling area located on the top of your garage door.

    Its layout is also much sturdier compared to other garage doors, making sure that your goods are not only protected but also in safe hands.

    What are the benefits you can get from choosing roll-up doors?

    There are a lot of advantages you can get from choosing steel commercial roll-up doors.

    This is because these doors are not just sturdy, they offer a whole lot more.

    One of these advantages is the fact that true roll-up doors take up less space than other types of garage doors.

    This gives you more room for storage purposes.

    Other garage doors will probably need more space either on the top or near it making the storage area much lesser than it could be.

    Another would be that it is easy to operate and use. Roll-up garage doors are by no way difficult to operate.

    Anyone can easily learn how to operate it without any trouble at all.

    Steel roll-up doors also provide additional security and safety compared to its competition.

    As steel garage doors are usually well insulated, you are confident and assured that your goods will not be damaged due to extreme changes in temperatures outside your warehouse.

    Plus, the components of roll-up doors are confined making them a much safer option especially if your components suddenly break down on you.

    With this, you are sure to be able to create an even safer workspace for your employees.

    And last but not least, its affordability. Well, generally speaking, roll-up doors are more expensive to set-up compared to the other options available in the market.

    However, since they have a sturdier and better design layout, repairs and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.

    You will not have to keep worrying about the different recurring costs you can possibly encounter on most other types of garage doors.


    Even with the many different options available, steel commercial roll-up sheet doors still come up on top as the most chosen type of door for warehouses and the like.

    They offer a variety of features that you will surely appreciate having in the long run.

    If you live in Calgary and are looking for a garage door repair company near you that can assist you with your commercial garage door installation, then we will be more than happy to help you.

    Kald Gart Doors is a repair company in Calgary, committed to providing quality services any time of the day.

    Aside from installation services, we also offer commercial garage door repairs and maintenance services perfect for your commercial garage door.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now and see for yourself the services that we offer. I assure you, we will certainly not disappoint.

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