Slow Opening Garage Door? Here’s What You Can Do

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    Slow Opening Garage Door

    Slow Opening Garage Door – Ever experienced getting frustrated because the garage door will not open at the same speed it used to?

    Did a slow garage door affect early morning routines?

    If yes, here might be the reasons behind it.

    Slow garage doors can really be annoying and time-consuming.

    Thus, in this post, the things homeowners can do when the garage door opens at an unusual speed—at a slow pace will be elaborated.

    Adjust the Speed Setting Properly

    One reason for a slow garage door is the adjustment of the speed setting.

    A garage door is programmed according to the owner’s speed preference and for safety.

    A usual residential garage door is designed to work as quickly as seven inches per second.

    Thus, if the garage door is working slowly, look into the settings first.

    It might have been adjusted by the other family members, whether intentionally for a specific unknown reason or unintentionally.

    There are tendencies that it was adjusted or unintentionally moved as a defect.

    Check the speed setting to find out if this is the cause.

    Refer to the manual to set up the setting correctly.

    If the procedure is too hard to conduct, call a technician for assistance.

    Therefore, before jumping to conclusions that the door or some parts have already reached the limitations, examine the setting first, and look for something unusual.

    Also, remember to make sure to be careful to avoid complications and damages.

    Regularly Lubricate the Parts

    Lubrication is part of the garage door maintenance.

    It keeps the parts functioning smoothly without interruptions.

    Regularly lubricated parts reduce stress, tension, and pressure from everyday usage.

    It also avoids or entirely eliminates the unusual annoying noises it produces.

    Thus, applying lubricants as needed is essential to keep the door running.

    Apply an ample amount of lubricants, especially on these parts: tracks, hinges, and rollers.

    Ensure not to oil it up aggressively because too much will also cause problems.

    It is recommended to select an oil-based lubricant rather than the greasy one.

    Here are the ways on how to lubricate the aforementioned most important parts:


    Apply lubrication on the pivot points of the hinges.

    This only applies to metal hinges, though.

    It is not advisable to lubricate the plastic parts because it will not take effect.

    It would also make the plastic components bleak.


    Upon applying lubricant on the rollers, ensure to keep it away from the nylon material.

    This concerns a garage door with nylon wheels.

    Also, make sure to protect the floor and car from any drips as it is hard to remove.


    The springs are considered the most significant garage door component because it takes the role of heavy lifting.

    Thus, lubricating it is of great importance.

    It would make the parts work smoothly and increase their life expectancy.

    To do this, search for the torsion springs and apply ample enough.

    Replace Old Components

    Lastly, the reason might be old age.

    As time progresses, the door weakens.

    In fact, the average lifespan of a garage door is 15-20 years if properly maintained.

    There are two reasons (both can apply):

    First, it concerns the age of the door—the overall system.

    Slow garage doors might have been due to worn out parts because the door has reached its limitations.

    Second, some parts are worn out.

    In contrast to the door, some parts do not last that long.

    This gravely concerns the springs that are responsible for the lifting mechanism.

    As a matter of fact, the torsion springs undergo about 20,000 cycles a year, which is why it takes a lot of pressure that leads to wear.

    Check the components and observe if there are any signs of wear and tear or rust.

    In most cases, there are, thus, schedules for an appointment for a replacement.

    New parts will bring back the natural speed of the door.

    Upgrade the garage door to stop experiencing this inconvenience.

    Garage Door Repairs in Calgary

    If these issues are experienced, there are garage door companies in Calgary that ate glad to help.

    Slow garage doors are ultimately frustrating.

    It is best to stop this inconvenience as soon as possible.

    Schedule for an appointment now.

    Other services include overhead door replacements, installations, weatherstripping, insulations, and many more.

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