Springs, Pulleys, Chains, And Power: Know Your Garage Door

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    Know Your Garage Door

    Know Your Garage Door – Home technology has really revolutionized, in that from simple manual handling of things, objects around are now mostly automatized.

    Today, garage doors simply need to be commanded through the use of the remote control to open or close itself.

    No more energy-expending manual work, as even from the car or from a distance, the door can efficiently operate on its own even before the person arrives.

    With this sophisticated technology, of course, comes multiple intricate parts that work together to make the system of self-sufficient overhead doors possible.

    Beginning with the use of electricity, garage doors need only to rely on power and its elaborate system to go about on its own.

    Today, automatic garage doors are equipped with openers and safety features that are otherwise absent from the usual doors in most houses.

    Some of the most important components are the springs, pulleys, chains, and the power itself.

    As a homeowner, a person should be able to tell what these things are and what they do throughout the whole operation.

    So, how do these parts work?

    Garage Door Springs

    Most people would know that the springs are in charge of the heavy lifting and lowering of the door.

    However, to do that, it needs a kind of process that makes it possible to do such.

    As a system, everything around the garage door does something to supply one another to make the whole mechanism work.

    Garage door springs carry the tension and the most massive workload of all, as it is the force that makes every movement of the door possible.

    There are two basic types of springs: the torsion and the extension springs.

    These two have different jobs to carry; therefore, they are also located in various places convenient for them.

    Torsion springs are usually mounted above the opening of the door itself, while the extension springs are located on top of the tracks on both sides of the door.

    Since it is under a lot of pressure from the weight, springs are often susceptible to wear and tear, thus resulting in the breaking of the whole component.

    If it does break, homeowners should not touch it by themselves, and call for a garage door repair company as soon as possible.

    There are many dangerous parts in the door, and the springs are among the best of them.

    Garage Door Pulleys

    Pulleys are taken to be very sensitive and delicate, so even a single damage to them can result in many different issues.

    They have the job that keeps the cable in check and good condition, so as to function smoothly.

    Pulleys also accompany the extension springs, in that the horizontal tracks on both sides have two pulley forks that aid them in function.

    There are also two others in front of the radius track that is called the stationary pulleys.

    Unlike springs, handling the pulleys is a lot easier.

    Garage Door Chains

    Traditional garage doors often have a chain-drive overhead door opener system that is used in mobilizing the trolley, hence helping in the lowering and raising of the door.

    A chain drive is usually more affordable but can be very noisy.

    Other chains are also located in different parts of the door, and as they perform their function, they can also face wear and tear.

    Simple lubrication every once in a while for parts such as this can go a long way.

    Garage Door Power

    An automatic garage door’s power comes from the wall socket that is usually near the opener, which is used to provide electricity.

    Automated machines rely on electricity to supply them, compared to manually-powered garage doors.

    In the event of an emergency power outage, people can still operate their door manually by pulling the red chain behind it to release the door from the opener.

    If homeowners are not sure how to do that, it is best to wait for a garage door repair company to do the deed.

    Knowing the garage door and its parts presents many opportunities for homeowners to learn and possibly understand its inner workings; however, they should immediately understand that a professional should handle it when damage occurs.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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