What Is An Insulated Garage Door All About?

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    Insulated Garage Door

    Let’s talk about your Insulated Garage Door – For a lot of homeowners, the garage is the main way to enter and exit the house.

    It can often be considered as the biggest pathway to and from the exterior of the house.

    For this reason, the garage can be one the largest source of loss of heat in the entire household.

    This aspect will harm the overall energy efficiency of the house.

    Thus, the most efficient way to prevent loss of heat from the house is by installing an insulated overhead door.

    Besides the increase of energy efficiency the household will enjoy, insulating the garage door will also have an addition of benefits.

    A more muffled or quieter sound when operating the garage door can be felt.

    Moreover, an increase in the overall toughness can also be enjoyed by the insulation upgrade.

    Below are the benefits of insulating the garage door.

    Insulating Garage Doors Equals Significant Energy Savings

    Insulating the garage door prevents the heat from escaping the garage during wintertime.

    This means that the amount of energy consumed by heaters will be reduced, which will increase energy efficiency and savings.

    During the other seasons like summer or spring, the insulated garage door prevents heat from entering the garage when it is warmer.

    This can lead to significant energy savings and efficiency from coolers.

    Insulating the garage door will also mean more comfort when operating or doing some work in the garage.

    Because the garage is fully attached to the entire household, this will have a significant effect on the overall comfort of the house.

    For instance, the garage is one of the busiest places in a household where many people come and go like the living room or the kitchen.

    When opening and closing the garage door all the time, this will lead to significant heat loss during wintertime.

    The heat will circulate out very quickly when opening and closing the garage door.

    Although, because of the garage door insulation, reheating the entire room will be maximized.

    It will not take a lot more energy to reheat the garage as compared to non-insulated garage doors.

    Insulated Doors Are Tougher Than Non-Insulated Garage Doors

    One more reason to insulate the garage door is to add an overall durability to the garage door.

    Insulated overhead doors are built differently from non-insulated garage doors, which makes them stronger.

    The garage is home to cars, some equipment, and maybe children playing around; thus, additional durability is a sensible upgrade.

    A lot of today’s insulated garage doors are constructed from aluminum frames or steel.

    The framework is infused with the insulation material, which is jammed between the solid metal beam panels.

    This technique of construction makes for a lighter, more reliable, and more energy-efficient garage door.

    It has a lesser chance to dent compared to old non-insulated garage doors.

    Oppositely, old non-insulated doors are made with thin sheets made of steel but are encased over the frame.

    Without the added insulation, the panels could be effortlessly dented by cars and other tools or equipment stored in the garage.

    The homeowners’ daily activities will mean that the non-insulated garage doors will be more prone to denting.

    This will mean more maintenance and more repair costs for the homeowners.

    Dented garage doors will also decrease the overall appeal of the entire household.

    If the property is for sale, dented garage doors will decrease its value.

    In contrast, insulated garage doors containing many layers of insulation will be less prone to damage and wear-and-tear.

    The increased durability will also lead to an increase in the lifespan of the garage door.

    Garage doors are often more prone to damage by the weather because of their size.

    A strong wind that carries a lot of projectiles will easily dent or scratch the garage door.

    An insulated garage door will be more durable for these kinds of weather-related troubles as well.

    Garage Doors That Are Insulated Are Quieter In Operation

    Most garage doors tend to be loud when operating.

    The added insulation will dampen some of these noises.

    Professional Garage Door Installers

    Contact a professional garage door installer for quotations on insulated overhead doors and overhead door repair.

    Garage door repair in Calgary is available for convenience.

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