Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception

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    Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception

    Increasing Garage Door Opener Reception – Say goodbye to the good old days of manual operation, as the age of automatic garage door openers is now the prominent trend.

    However, despite being advanced, there are still some instances when it cannot automatically operate the door.

    One of the most basic reasons for when garage doors refuse to open or close is because of the remote control.

    If the batteries are not dead, there is a good chance that it is due to the distance and range of between the two mechanisms.

    That is why the automatic opener cannot adhere to the commands of the controls.

    Because garage door openers are quite sophisticated in that it is high-tech, it requires certain conditions to operate it.

    While remote controls are pretty easy to operate to reach out to the opener, some things should be taken into consideration when commanding it, especially its reception.

    If it is too far from the range of the opener, then it cannot operate the door automatically.

    The automatic opener needs to detect the signal of the remote in order to interpret the commands it is sending, thus identifying whether to open or close the garage.

    How does one increase the reception?

    Increasing the reception means an easy operation for garage door openers even if the remote control is within quite the distance.

    Here are some tips on how to increase the range.

    Alter the remote’s frequency.

    A change in frequency can improve the signal of the opener as it deviates from the usual channel that old openers use.

    A lot of things may be able to interfere with the signal if the frequency has been used for far too long.

    In order to change it, a new installation of a logic or circuit board should be in place, giving it a new set of controls.

    Homeowners can also alter it using the external receiver located on the wall near the opener itself.

    Upgrade the remote.

    In some cases, the remote control’s contacts might face wear, thus causing the signal’s range to decrease.

    If the remote has been around for ten years or so, there is a good chance that it has worn out its contacts.

    Furthermore, if the indicator light found on the remote does not glint, it is an indication that the worn-out contacts inside are preventing the mechanism to send out a signal.

    Homeowners can upgrade the remote by themselves if they know how to do it but, to be sure, a professional is more adept at the job.

    Get an antenna extension.

    Installing an extension of the antenna to receive more far away signals is the best way to increase the reception of overhead doors.

    Typical door openers have antennas that are facing down from its casing.

    If an extension is to be installed, it should be placed directly below the opener to ensure that a clear path for communication and the signal from the remote control is executed.

    The extension should measure at least ten inches so it can be equipped with a clear signal.

    Get rid of interference.

    Electricity can well interfere with the signal around the house.

    Because openers need a strong signal to get the right commands from the remote control, it should be placed away from the interference of other electrical components inside the house or the garage.

    LED and fluorescent lights can cause a lot of disruption, along with alarms and other electrical systems.

    To relocate the opener’s antenna, reach out to a garage door repair company for help, as they are more knowledgeable in this area.

    Change the batteries.

    The most common thing to do when the opener is not responding to the remote is to simply replace its batteries.

    Replacing the remote control’s batteries can easily solve the problem and homeowners will not have to go through lengths to increase the reception.

    Sometimes, it is just a matter of the simplest things out there.

    If the problem lies elsewhere, hire a service company to fix and take care of overhead door repair, especially in the aspect of the garage door openers.

    Do not take damages in the garage lightly, as it could be detrimental to the whole system in the long run.

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    David Martin

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