How to Replace Garage Door Cables

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    How to Replace Garage Door Cables

    With so many different design features, colors, and finishes to choose from, having a garage door can come down to personal preference.

    A garage door is not all about security.

    It can entirely transform the appearance of houses.

    It increases the value of homes by installing a high-quality garage door.

    The installation of garage doors would positively impact serious homebuyers, but buyers aren’t solely concerned with appearances.

    When buyers purchase a home, they inspect all aspects of the property to ensure protection, utility costs, and security, all of which are qualities of garage doors.

    That is the reason why we can’t underscore any garage door issues, even its cables.

    So, Kald Gart garage door experts will share how to replace garage door cables.

    Garage Door System

    A garage door system comprises more than just the door and the tracks it operates on.

    Extension springs, big torsion springs, cable drums, and garage door cables complete the system.

    Each component serves a distinct function.

    For example, the springs assist in lifting the weight.

    The garage door cables and cable drums are responsible for smooth rolling.

    Importance of Garage Door Cables

    Any garage door system will be incomplete without the garage door cable; that is how important it is.

    Thus, if we discover a problem with the cable, we at Kald always recommend immediate repair or replacement either by ourselves or hire a garage door service.

    If your garage door cable is torn, Kald offers garage door cable services.

    Although our garage door is the single most important moving part of our home and can take up more than 40% of the front-facing space, we probably don’t give it much thought.

    Even during the new garage door design stage, we would have spent time selecting a paint color, a panel system, and even window placement rather than garage door cables.

    If you need any garage door repair in Canada, Kald Garage Door is here to assist you! Many of your garage door essentials can be handled by our repair specialists.

    How does a garage door cable work?

    To make the door go smoothly up and down, garage door cables, placed on both sides of the door frame, operate with both torsion and extension springs.

    When one cable breaks, it puts more pressure on the other, causing it to break as well.

    On both ends of the torsion spring shaft, the cables are attached to the garage door’s bottom and a cable drum.

    When the torsion spring spins the drums, the door lifts or closes, wrapping or unwrapping the cables around the drum.

    By winding up when the door is lifted and unwinding when it is lowered, the spring assists in shifting the weight of the door.

    Thus, if one of the garage door’s cables snap, the door will not be balanced, putting much pressure on the other cable, tracks, and rollers.

    It may then lead to much bigger problems.

    Replacing the Cable

    Prepare your tools

    We at Kald always prepare our tool before any project so operation will go smoother.

    We suggest everyone do the same.

    The following are the resources needed:

    • Pliers with a vice grip
    • Replacement cable with the correct size
    • Bars that wind around
    • Sockets and Wrenches
    • Ratchet
    • Step ladder

    Preventive Measures

    Meanwhile, no ill-fitting clothing or jewelry should be worn.

    Also, appropriate footwear, such as work boots, gloves, and safety glasses, should always be worn.

    Also, to prevent damage, keep an eye out for pointed edges and slight frays on cables.

    Replacing Guide

    Before cutting the broken cable, make sure the door is open and locked.

    To keep the door from closing, place vice grips on the track just below the bottom roller or place a ladder/scaffolding under it.

    We will cut the cable and the drum from the bottom of the garage door until the door is secured correctly before untying the cable.

    Install the new garage door cable on the drum, unravel it, and loop the other end around the door’s bottom peg according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    We also advise replacing both cables to ensure similar lengths.

    New and old cables cannot be precisely the same length.

    Bottom Line

    Those are the basics and how to replace garage door cables guide to follow.

    But, if your confidence in doing the repair is in question, let us prove our ability to replace garage door cables.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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