How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

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    How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Cable

    Do you have a broken garage door cable? Wondering how to fix your problem?

    Then you have come to the right place.

    Your garage door’s cable serves an essential role in the overall functionality of your mechanical system.

    Without the cables, there is no way that you can open your door at all.

    It is what lifts the door up smoothly and gently closes it as well.

    This being said, if your door cable suddenly breaks or wears out, then it can certainly be troublesome and problematic.

    Imagine not being able to open your garage especially when you are in such a hurry. Quite the headache right?

    If you are wondering what you can do when this happens, then you are in the right place.

    We will answer the question “How to repair a broken garage door cable” for you and as well as give you additional tips and advice for your benefit.

    What do you need to know?

    Before jumping to the procedures, let us start with the little things that we need to know before actually attempting the repair process.

    Let’s start with the basics. What is exactly is a garage door cable?

    The garage door cable is what makes it possible to open your garage door.

    But you might be wondering, isn’t that exactly what a torsion spring does at well?

    Well, you are not wrong there. Basically, it is the cable that winds up the spring so that you can have enough torque which will in turn open your garage door.

    Now that you understand this, then you will have a better understanding of how the entire mechanical system works.

    There are three types of cables being used in your entire garage door system – lifting cables, retaining cables, and emergency release cable.

    It is important to know which cable is broken so you may fix it accordingly.

    Moving on, since we have the basics down, let us proceed with the other things that we need to know to make this task a success.

    To fix your garage door’s cable, you will need to have the proper tools and equipment in order to perform the task properly.

    Make sure that you have the following tools and equipment:

    • Replacement cables
    • Visor Clips
    • Ladder

    With these three, you will be more than equipped to take on your broken garage door table.

    Fixing your broken garage door cable

    With all things prepared, it is now time to dwell on the task on hand. How is your garage door cable repaired or fixed?

    Let us summarize the entire procedure into 8 easy steps to help you understand easily what exactly you need to do.

    To replace your garage door cable, you need to do the following:

    #1 Disconnecting your garage door opener from both your door and the power outlet.

    This is done to make prioritize your safety and make sure that your door does not accidentally open or close while you are fixing it.

    #2 Manually lift your door open. Now that the opener is disconnected, you will need to open your door by yourself.

    If it is too much for you, ask for someone’s help. Keep lifting the door until it is fully opened.

    #3 Using your visor grip, clamp the door open by clipping it on the tracks just below your door.

    This is another safety measure to make sure that the door does not close on you accidentally and cause injury.

    Doing this will also relieve some tension from your spring and cable making it safe to remove them.

    #4 Loosen your cable. After you have loosened the cable, you can now unwind the cable from the drum. This will allow you to remove your cables.

    #5 Place the replacement cables into the drum and wind it tightly.

    When done, fix the other end of your cable at the bottom of the garage door.

    #6 After replacing the spring, turn the shaft on the top of your garage door in position using the visor grip.

    #7 Check the other side of your garage door and make sure that the cable is tightly placed on the cable drum.

    After this, check the functionality of your garage door.

    And you are done. Follow the steps above and that should do the trick.

    If you feel like you are not clear on the instructions, you may also check the video below for your reference.


    Have we answered your question on how to repair a broken garage door cable?

    Your garage door cable is truly essential to keep your garage doors functioning.

    If you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the whole installation process, then we recommend hiring a trained professional to do the job for you.

    If you are from Calgary and looking for a garage door repair company near you, then we might have the answer for you.

    Kald Gart Doors is a garage door repair company in Calgary that has been in the industry for 15 years now.

    We offer emergency garage door services 24/7, no matter the time of the day.

    Even at the oddest times of the day, we will always be available to assist you with your needs.

    If you want to reach out to us, you may contact us at 587-316-9739.

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