How To Properly Measure For A New Garage Door

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    How To Properly Measure For A New Garage Door

    How To Properly Measure For A New Garage Door – Planning to get a new garage door?

    Indeed, a new garage door can increase the entire house’s overall appeal, especially if it is being sold.

    Before getting a new garage door, proper measurement-taking is needed for the garage door to fit perfectly.

    Thankfully, garage door measurements can be taken quickly and easily.

    It is a simple task, considering it is done correctly and with the right guidance.

    Before beginning with the measurement, prepare all the necessary tools at hand.

    These tools are just basic materials that can be found at home, and the most essential thing to have is the tape measure.

    The second tool needed is a step ladder to measure the top part of the garage door a little bit easier.

    The third tool is a simple pen and paper to record all the measurements for a precise fit of the garage door later on.

    Here are the steps to measure for a new garage door.

    Measuring the Width

    Take the measuring tape and measure it horizontally (this is the space between the right to the left sides of the garage door opening).

    It is recommended to measure the widest point of the horizontal opening.

    Furthermore, measure it in feet and inches.

    Use the measuring tape to record the exact measurement of the garage door’s width.

    Also, check for any irregular or uneven sides.

    If there are any, make sure to take note of it.

    It is an important detail that the garage door installer knows about irregularities for a seamless installation.

    Lastly, consider measuring the garage door from both sides (from left to right, and then from right to left).

    This is to make sure that the measurements are accurate from all sides.

    Measuring the Height

    The height of the garage door is the space between the top of the opening to the floor.

    Take the measuring tape and measure it vertically (from top to bottom).

    Use it to record the exact measurement of the garage door’s height.

    Again, check for any irregularities as this might be of useful information when installing the garage door.

    These irregularities need to be accounted for and adjusted for, so meticulously check the garage door opening for any.

    Failure to detect uneven floor and unleveled sides can cause problems when installing the garage door.

    Measuring the Side Room

    This is the area between the left and right sides of the door.

    Before measuring, ensure that there are no wires that will get in the way.

    Measure the distance from the opening on either side to the end of the garage.

    A minimum of 3 or 3.75 inches is required on each side to mount the vertical track for a standardized extension spring or standard torsion spring.

    Again, measure it in feet and inches.

    It is recommended to have a center post at least 10 inches high for a double vehicle garage door.

    Measuring the Headroom

    This is the area between the top of the door opening and the ceiling.

    Use a sturdy step ladder when getting this measurement.

    This is the gap from the opening of the garage door wall to the garage door’s back or rear wall.

    The measurement of the headroom will depend on the type of garage door that will be installed.

    Some wood garage doors might require 18″ headroom.

    This process will determine how the door rolls up and down during operation.

    Measuring the Ceiling

    Take note of any obstructions when measuring the distance from the garage door opening to the rear of the garage or nearest wall.

    Measuring the Backroom

    This refers to the space from the garage door opening to the back of the garage.

    This is an essential part since it is where your garage door will retract when opening.

    For electrical garage doors, it is advisable to have it 18 inches plus its door height.

    In the case of manual garage doors, 15 inches plus its door height.

    Measure a few different spots for a few times to get accuracy in measurements.

    Contact A Reliable Garage Door Repair Company

    The above steps can be an aid in quantifying the size of a garage door opening.

    Ask for assistance for a precise and professionally done measurement for overhead doors, contact a technician.

    Overhead door repair companies are available for help in any garage door problems.

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