How to Install Roll Up Garage Door

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    How to Install Roll Up Garage Door

    Overhead doors are popular in many parts of America and also in different countries.

    However, installing these garage doors is dangerous, especially if you are not an expert.

    Roll-up doors are enormous and heavy objects that operate with the help of electric motors and springs that are subjected to extreme tension.

    Handling this without the guidance of a professional can pose a significant danger and can cause severe injuries and, worse, death.

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    Steps That We Will Take to Install Your Roll Up Garage Door

    The steps on how to install roll up garage door will be enumerated below.

    However, you must keep in mind that the installation of garage doors must not be done without the help of a professional.

    Doing it on your own is a very dangerous task and may result in severe injuries which you would not want to happen.


    Roll-up doors are placed securely in cardboard packaging before the standard carrier ships them.

    Before we unpack the overhead door, we must check for visible signs of damage.

    You can request us to file a freight claim if you have received a defective roll-up door.

    Check the Wall Opening

    After we have unboxed your roll-up door, we must check for the height and width of your wall opening and compare these to the size of your roll-up door.

    Then we will examine if the jambs are even, the floor and header are leveled, and all the parts needed for the installation are shipped together with the door.

    Set Up the Door and Parts

    Before positioning the roll-up doors, we must ensure that we have a clean floor to avoid curtain damages.

    Once we have acquired this, we will secure the door on the floor and rotate it as needed until it is securely placed.

    After doing so, we may now disseminate parts of the hardware to its respective areas.

    Bracket Installation

    For us to successfully install the brackets, we must make sure that the locking knobs are fully attached to the bracket notch.

    The door may fall during installation when we do not apply this, which may cause severe injuries and unexpected death.

    Lifting the Door Assembly and Engaging the Brackets

    In this step, it is a must that we have someone to assist us in lifting the roll-up door assembly because the guides are not meant to support the door’s weight during a one-person installation.

    First, we must move the door in the direction of the wall opening.

    Next is we evenly lift the door assembly.

    With a fastener, we must engage the brackets and the guides attached to the side post.

    We must ensure that the correct fasteners are installed in each frame.

    Making sure that the fasteners fit the side posts accurately prevents the roll-up door from falling.

    Spring Tension and Head Stops

    To set up the initial spring tension, we must twist the door.

    After doing so, we will cut the plastic wrap and the tape around the door while holding it securely at the base of the bar.

    Next is we attach the head stops making sure that it is securely placed.

    Stop clips, Pull Ropes and Handles

    Subsequently, we must securely install the stop clips, handles and pull ropes to the roll-up door.

    The stop clips, handles, and pull ropes are engaged at the bottom bar respectively.

    Checking the Door Operation and Adjusting Spring Tension

    For the final step, we will be checking the door opener operation and the spring tension by opening and closing the door to assess its balance.

    If the door can be closed easily but is hard to open then we must increase the tension on the spring.

    If the opposite occurs then we must decrease the tension.


    Installing roll up doors is not a task meant to be done by none-experts.

    This could be dangerous and life-threatening especially if you don’t have any knowledge about garage doors.

    It is crucial that you leave this kind of task to the pros to prevent any unwanted injuries and accidents to happen.

    You can avail of our high-quality and budget-friendly services by visiting our website.

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