How to Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    How to Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Garage door openers are now being used by a lot of homes nowadays.

    The convenience of having your opener lift your garage door open instead of manually doing it is too good not to get.

    Because of this, garage door opener technology has continued to improve more and more over time.

    Now, we have a lot of types of garage door openers available in the market because of this.

    Soon enough, automatic openers became available in the market.

    They offer more features than your average garage door openers.

    One of these features is the ability to control your garage door with remote control.

    The problem with this is that sometimes it can be difficult to connect to your garage door opener.

    Probably because you only have a limited range, it makes it difficult for some to open your garage doors.

    But what if there is a way you can increase and improve your garage door’s range? Interested?

    Well, we got your back. Here are some tips about how to increase garage door opener range.

    How far is the range of a garage door opener?

    Before, anything else, let us first learn more about garage door openers and their expected ranges.

    Garage door openers are mechanisms being used to lift open and close your overhead garage doors.

    Because of this piece of technology, it is now made entirely possible to open your garage doors with ease and without breaking a sweat.

    Your garage door opener can be accessed through a control panel or via the compatible remote that comes with it.

    Normally, a garage door opener has a range of about 25 feet under ideal conditions.

    If your opener is being operated via a remote, then you should probably know that it uses radio frequencies to transmit commands.

    How to increase garage door opener range – tips and tricks

    Now that we have a vague idea of what garage door openers are and what we can expect from them, it is now time to move on to the topic at hand.

    How exactly can you increase your garage door opener’s range? Well, here’s how.

    The first thing you can do in your attempt to improve your opener’s range is to change your remote’s batteries.

    Now I know you might be thinking, why the remote? Well, this is because it is entirely possible that your opener can indeed reach the expected range but because your remote does not have enough power or juice, its range is shortened significantly.

    Try changing your remote’s batteries. See if this solves your problem.

    If that doesn’t help then you can try this next suggestion.

    Try to minimize any obstructions in between your remote and your garage door opener.

    Yes, it is true that normally, normal obstructions should not affect your garage door’s remote but heavy metals such as lead can definitely affect your signal.

    If that still doesn’t work, then try adjusting or replacing the antenna on your garage door opener.

    If your antenna is one of those which cannot be replaced, then here are some things you can do to improve its range.

    Try wrapping your garage door’s antenna with bell wire.

    When attaching the bell wire, make sure that all metal parts are connected properly.

    This should be fairly easy as there are on your antenna where the wire should go through.

    And when all else fails? Try reprogramming your remote’s frequency. This should do the trick.

    You can check out this video below on how to extend your opener’s range for more ideas on how to do it.


    Here at Kald Gart Doors, we understand how necessary it is to improve and increase your garage door’s range.

    Knowing how to increase your garage door opener range can help you improve further your garage door’s over-all functionality since it will now allow you to open and close it from a longer distance.

    If you live in Calgary and are looking for a garage door repair company near you for your garage door opener troubles and the like, then we will always be available for you.

    We also offer emergency garage door services any time of the day in case you will be needing it.

    If you are interested in knowing more, you can reach us out at 587-316-9739.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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