How To Find Out If Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken

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    Garage Door Springs Are Broken – Broken springs require garage door repair as soon as possible, as it is one problem that could cause more.

    While it is easy to say this, figuring out if a garage door spring requires maintenance or replacement is a bit tricky as symptoms are tough to detect.

    However, experts in garage door repair in Calgary can help with budget-friendly service options open for any homeowner.

    Springs are sensitive parts, and they aren’t usually meant to be used repeatedly if they are in bad condition.

    Worst-case scenario, an accident might eventually occur. In that case, finding out if a garage door spring is broken is crucial, and we’re here to help lessen the burden and hasten the process.

    Suppose homeowners aren’t fond of doing DIY techniques when it comes to problems with overhead doors.

    In that case, we’re here to help directly and save some time and reduce the possibility of incidents and injuries from happening.

    Before proceeding, however, it is essential to lay out the importance of garage springs.

    One thing for sure is that they are cumbersome since garage doors are generally heavy, even those made out of light materials.

    It means that they are always in constant pressure, making them very vulnerable to damage if some parts break inside the mechanism.

    Door Refuses to Open

    One excellent and obvious sign that an overhead door repair might be needed is simply because of a garage door refusing to open.

    However, homeowners should be extra careful when it comes to giving their judgment as it could also mean other things like a broken photo eye or a stuck cable.

    Whatever the case, when the door refuses to open or close, a garage door repair company should be called to deal with it.

    Visible Damages

    Damages are another good indication that a spring can be damaged.

    There are some cases, however, that springs still work while in this situation.

    Once spotted, it is recommended that homeowners report it to experts immediately as the damage can increase, and it might spread to other parts of the mechanism.

    Tension loss can be easily observed without going too much inside on the mechanism.

    Visible separation of springs is also expected, and if they are spotted, an expert’s advice and service are immediately needed.

    Manual Cycle isn’t Working

    There are some cases where the garage door’s wireless control can fail simply because of a remote control problem.

    It can also be caused by the receiver and other parts that deal with the wireless function.

    In short, there are many things in play when it comes to wireless technology, so it only makes sense to try the manual cycle.

    Springs are supposedly still working on a manual force closing and opening test.

    If this test fails, then it is one adequate proof that the spring might need a replacement.

    Garage Door Spring Damage Prevention

    Any spring could malfunction anytime, but a standard one’s life span averages up to 12 years.

    That’s a very long amount of time; however, it can still be shortened due to other factors that could contribute to the garage door part’s deterioration.

    Homeowners can still aid their springs to achieve that full life span through annual maintenance or inspection.

    It could be an excellent opportunity to see problems in other parts surrounding the springs that can potentially damage it.

    Lubrication is also a useful tool or materials that homeowners could use to ensure that springs are in top shape.

    All of these suggestions can be easily handled by those that have baseline experience with garage doors.

    However, those purely new to the field will encounter some difficulties unless they make an effort and conduct research.


    In general, it is very tricky to conclude whether a garage door requires repair or replacement as some garage door symptoms may lead to other problems.

    The best way of dealing with this problem is through isolation and proper research.

    In case things are getting harder than usual, we’re always available to help.

    We offer spring replacement in any garage doors, whether wooden, steel, or made out of aluminum.

    No heavy doors can stop us!

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    David Martin

    David Martin

    Servicing garage doors for over a decade has thought me a thing or two about garage doors. In this blog I will try to share with you all I've learned over the years. I hope you find these tips helpful for a DIY fix before paying for a technician. If you still need help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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