How To Choose The Right Garage Door Opener In Calgary

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    Ways To Not Repair A Garage Door

    Choose The Right Garage Door Opener In Calgary – Garage door repair is often taken for granted by many homeowners.

    It is understandable since the technology and equipment are getting stronger through innovations, making repairs and renovations irrelevant for years to come.

    However, a garage door repair in Calgary is still needed if things went south, and typically, it is not a good thing for doors to be left hanging for days or even months.

    It is relatively easy to call for an overhead door repair, but choosing what company to trust for the process is the hardest part of all.

    The garage door opener, in particular, is one part that requires repair or renovation now and then.

    Luckily, we’re here to help with this predicament.

    Without further ado, here are some tips for choosing the right garage door opener in Calgary.

    Know the Drive Options

    While it is an intelligent move to trust a contractor with their suggestion of what type of garage door opener to seek, it is still a lot better to rely on an own decision by doing research.

    There are four main types of drive options to consider; chain-drive, screw-drive, belt-drive, and direct-drive.

    Each of which possesses their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to know that no driveway is purely identical.

    That is why it is not always optimal to trust everything on the internet at first glance.

    Research and take time to know what of these available drive options will benefit the door the most.


    Openers of overhead doors are always dealing with extreme lifting forces due to the weight of most commercial doors nowadays.

    Considering this aspect, it is indeed a smart move to pick an opener that can easily handle the job by looking at its horsepower rating.

    It is recommended to buy an opener with a range of ½ to 1 ½ as it is considered the standard for commercial and residential use.

    A garage door repair company can help with this, so homeowners should not hesitate to consult a local service provider and ask for some options and suggestions.

    Check for Features

    Garage door openers are always better with more features installed in them, and the more advanced and upgraded, the better.

    Remote Control

    A remote control can be different from one garage door opener to another. Some might be using wall-mount buttons while some might utilize physical keypads.

    Whatever the case, it is always better to go for personal preference.

    Manual Control

    Openers should also be controlled manually in case the remote control fails to do so.

    Light Indicator

    Indicators are not that necessary, but it is a good one to take for safety and security.

    Light indicators are an innovative way of telling the owners of the opener’s current state without exerting too much effort.


    Garage doors are considered another gateway to one’s house; that is why it is always crucial to do something when it comes to security.

    Manufacturers of modern openers are now using technology to improve their clients’ security experience using safety mechanisms that are hard to bypass.

    They are also only activating if real threats or certain situations are happening near the garage door itself.

    Also, be sure to look for a door opener that has a reverse-opening feature.

    This feature is activated if an obstacle is on the way that would prevent the garage door from closing completely.

    With more technological advancements, remote controls are now also fully wireless and available on mobile device applications, allowing for a faster and secure way of opening doors.

    These days, you can easily find an opener that can transmit a unique code for the owner before the door will open.

    This way, only authorized persons can open the driveway, removing risks of crimes, especially break-ins and theft.


    Overhead door openers are not that complicated to operate, but they possess different features that are always important to note while selecting which one to purchase.

    Hopefully, this guide will help homeowners in deciding the best opener for their garage doors.

    In case there are problems when choosing the right equipment, various professional services are available with expert advice and guaranteed satisfaction.

    Such services can be found advertised online, with hotlines for accessible communication.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

    Servicing garage doors for over a decade has thought me a thing or two about garage doors. In this blog I will try to share with you all I've learned over the years. I hope you find these tips helpful for a DIY fix before paying for a technician. If you still need help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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