How Long Does A Garage Door Last Before The First Repair?

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    Overhead doors are considered an investment by many because of all the expenses that go into it, especially in maintenance and renovation.

    However, it is a good investment, in the sense that it could last for more than ten years.

    Yes, that’s right, with enough care and garage door repair, they can even exceed their expected life span.

    Aside from being a useful storage room for cars and other equipment that belongs outside, garage doors may also be used as an aesthetic choice.

    It truly becomes common nowadays because service providers are starting to offer design choices and preferences on garage doors, adding more value.

    Regardless of its design and materials, garage doors have a fixed lifespan according to its daily open and close cycle.

    Springs, in general, have the most accurate lifespan on all the materials and mechanisms present in a garage door, so it is the best basis for this article to cover.

    For reference, a 10,000 cycle spring will be used for this article.

    2 Times Garage Door Cycle Daily

    In case the garage owner isn’t that much going out of the household too often and only uses two cycles per day, the spring can last up to 13.7 years.

    While this scenario isn’t realistic, it is obvious how much time anyone could save by budgeting their daily garage door cycles.

    4 Times Garage Door Cycle Daily

    Without a garage door repair in Calgary, a cycle of four times a day would mean that the spring will only last for 6.8 years.

    Looking at this scenario, it is the most realistic so far,

    making it look like the standard for average households that aren’t going outside all the time.

    Its balance and the 6.8 years lifespan is fair for the price of the garage door.

    6 Times Garage Door Cycle Daily

    Last among the examples is the six times garage door cycle, which lands the door’s lifespan for 4.6 years.

    Putting too much strain on the spring can decrease the number of times it can be used, so it is better to budget the cycles available.

    Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

    An overhead door repair is essential now and then as it could prolong a garage door’s lifespan, especially if it is treated very nicely.

    In case things are going pretty smoothly and making sure that the garage door won’t be going down any soon, the springs can be replaced with newer ones.

    It can replenish the number of cycles and improve the performances of other equipment present inside the mechanism of a garage door.

    Cables, in particular, are also receiving too much pressure just the same with springs.

    Even those high-end and considered premium are still struggling to keep up;

    however, with enough help from a garage door repair company, it can be easily curbed and even prevented from failing.

    Renovation, replacement, and maintenance, whatever the term is used, are essential despite being expensive.

    However, it is easy to say that garage doors are worth it to get if they can effectively preserve and extend a garage door’s health.

    Factors that Affects Shorter Lifespan

    Aside from repeatedly opening and closing the door, there are several factors to watch out if a longer garage door lifespan is the goal.

    First, the materials should be of the highest quality.

    Having an inferior one blending in with high-end ones would only result in a bottleneck, making the whole mechanism out of place, not given enough time to showcase its potential.

    Natural disasters and weather disturbances are also notorious for bringing down the lifespan of garage doors.

    Thankfully, modern garage door specialists are doing their best to provide solutions to combat these complications.


    An overhead door is an equipment with a mechanism inside that has many materials and parts working together for an extended period.

    With its core elements and features, it is easy to determine the lifespan of a garage door.

    While it is hard to combat the deterioration of such equipment, knowledge can easily be used to slow down the process and extend the lifespan of the parts.

    With different service providers in town, people can easily doubt what to trust.

    To have the best garage door service possible, call us and let’s talk over our services and possible solutions to your garage door problems.

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