How Does a Garage Door Spring Break

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    How Does a Garage Door Spring Break

    How Does a Garage Door Spring Break

    One of the most common reasons for your garage door breaking down is because of your garage door spring.

    The garage door spring is a very important component of your entire system as it is one of the things that make it possible to open your garage doors.

    It supports your door’s weight and provides enough torque power to actually open your door.

    But exactly how does a garage door spring break?

    Most of the time we only know of the different countermeasures to do when the garage door’s spring breaks. Furthermore, we don’t have the reason why this happens.

    Giving us a better understanding of the reason behind why our garage door springs are breaking down us will allow us to formulate prevention measures to stop or delay this from happening.

    So, without further ado, let us find out together why our garage door springs are breaking down on us.

    Reasons why your garage door spring breaks

    There are a lot of possibilities as to why your garage door’s springs are breaking down on you. However, below are the most common reasons as to why this is happening to you.

    #1 Wear and Tear

    The top reason by far up to know as to why your garage door is breaking down is due to wear and tear.

    When garage door springs were invented, its creators had somewhat of a lifespan for it in mind. Just like everything else in this world, garage door springs were created with an expiry date on it.

    The closer you get to this so-called expiry date, the more issues surface on your garage door – screeching noises, slow operation, etc.

    Even if springs were designed to last 10,000 cycles, due to the fact that it is being used day and day to open your heavy garage doors makes its duration a bit shorter than expected.

    Disappointing, I know, but nothing we can do about it. When your garage door spring breaks down on you, all you can do is replace it with a new one to keep your garage door functioning as usual.

    You may check this video below to help you replace your garage door’s spring if you want to.

    #2 Rusting of the spring’s surface

    On to number two. Another reason why your garage door’s spring is breaking down faster than it should be is possibly due to rust formation.

    Just like every other metalwork out there, rust can speed up significantly the wearing out process of your springs.

    The corrosion on the spring’s surface will only serve to weaken the coils further resulting in wearing out more quickly than usual.

    To prevent this from happening, you can apply lubrication on your garage door’s spring preventing the moisture from forming on its surface.

    Keep it lubricated regularly and rusting will never be a problem for you at all. Not only that, this action can even extend your spring’s life expectancy.

    #3 Lack of Maintenance

    The subtitle sort of speaks for itself. Just like every mechanism out there, the garage door spring also needs to be taken care of. And the best way to do this is proper maintenance.

    Maintenance must be done regularly to ensure that your garage door spring is kept in good condition.

    You should never take maintenance for granted and do it diligently. After all, proper maintenance can in the end prolong your spring’s life.

    Apply lubrication on your garage door springs as frequently as you can, at least three times a year, and consistently check the balance of your garage door.

    Unbalanced garage doors could mean one of your springs is carrying more load than the other. Make sure it is equally balanced. Remember, even simple acts like this can help you with your garage door spring.

    #4 Using an inappropriate spring for your garage door

    Last but not least is using the inappropriate springs for your garage door.

    Each garage door should have a spring in which its specifications are directly proportional to the door’s weight and dimension.

    Not doing so will not only apply unnecessary load on the springs itself but as well as to the other components on your garage door.

    Make sure that, if you are installing your garage door spring, you have the correct specifications perfect for your garage door.

    You can check this video below to help you find the best spring for your garage door.


    And that’s all it. Hopefully, we have successfully answered your questions regarding the matter of how does a garage door spring break. If not, you are always welcome to inquire further by giving us a call.

    To best take care of your garage door springs, it is best to understand further the root cause of the problem. Knowing why your spring broke can go a long way in helping you address the problem appropriately.

    Even simple tasks like lubrication and the like can go a long way in prolonging your garage door spring’s life expectancy.

    Make sure that you do not take your springs for granted and that you take good care of them properly.

    If ever, even after all that, your spring breaks down on you, do not worry, you can always ask for professional help to attend to your needs.

    If you live in Calgary and you are looking for a garage door repair company near you to do garage door spring replacement services for you, then you do not have to look further, Kald Gart Doors is here for you.

    With 15 years of experience under our belt, surely we can handle a simple spring replacement for your garage door. We are available 24/7 so you do not have to worry about reaching out to us even at the oddest times of the day.

    You can contact us at 587-316-9739 or visit us at our main office in Calgary. Whichever you choose, we will gladly welcome you with open arms.

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