How Do Garage Door Springs Work

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    How Do Garage Door Springs Work – With the massive weight of our overhead doors, it is quite confusing how it could be easily lifted and lowered on the ground.

    Although your overhead door opener manages the automatic operation, it is no other than your overhead door spring that does all the actual lifting.

    If you want your overhead door to work well, you should also know how the actual system works.

    Get started by getting to know your spring more

    There are two common types of overhead door spring: the extension spring and the torsion spring.

    1. Extension Spring

    Extension spring belongs to the much older version of the spring system.

    It can be seen on both sides of the overhead doors being attached to the track support at one end using a set of cables.

    While this kind of spring works well in allowing your door to move against gravity, the torsion spring is the other way around.

    2. Torsion Spring

    Torsion springs can be designed into a round, rectangular, or shaped wire.

    This kind of spring produces a force to rotate when they are twisted.

    However, unlike extension springs, the torsion spring gives a much better effect when it comes to stability.

    In fact, some overhead doors have more than one torsion spring as the number of springs depends on the weight it carries.

    It also assures an equal distribution of weight on your overhead door, making it the best choice for many homeowners.

    Torsion springs can usually be seen above the overhead doors being placed horizontally (near the opening of your garage).

    Basically, the more doors you have at home, the more springs you need to maintain stability on your overhead doors.

    Further, it is evident that the springs are the most vital feature of your overhead door as it handles the entire weight of your overhead door.

    Without it, your door openers could never initiate automatic operations.

    However, through contacting a garage door repair company, professionals can double-check the condition of your springs; they can quickly distinguish when your overhead door calls for a replacement.

    Contact a skilled overhead door technician in your area now to get the proper assistance.

    Overhead door safety cables

    An overhead door with an extension spring should have a safety cable on each side of the door.

    These cables should be installed through the spring and must be properly attached to the wall or the ceiling.

    Be advised that these springs are always under extreme tension, but safety cables can help ease a broken spring!

    Truth be told, most of the actual deaths that have been documented were due to materials’ poor quality and poor installation of overhead door springs as well.

    When a spring breaks off, your overhead door can no longer function.

    It can even lead to various issues most of the time — from home security to serious injury.

    For this reason, if you have springs on your overhead door installed without any safety cable, contact a garage door repair in Calgary immediately.

    Call them, and they will be at your doorstep even before you know it!

    After all, regardless of what type of springs you employed on your overhead door, conducting regular maintenance on it can help prevent any serious consequences.

    How frequently do overhead door springs break?

    Overhead door springs are highly resistant, most especially if they are properly installed and made of high quality.

    Nevertheless, there is still little information to keep in mind.

    The two types of overhead door springs elaborated on the previous paragraphs function separately.

    In essence, torsion springs only last up to 20,000 cycles, while the extension spring will operate until around 10,000 cycles.

    As a result, once they reach through their expected cycle limits, both springs are more likely to elicit some complications.

    In that case, this must always be considered – most especially for those who open their overhead doors more than twice a day.

    Maximize the lifespan of your door wisely while maintaining the safety of your home by carrying out a consistent maintenance plan.

    Should you want to begin being proactive with your overhead door’s spring maintenance, or you believe your spring needs a replacement, call a professional technician now.

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