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    Garage Repair Okotoks

    Overhead doors move up and down repeatedly over the years.

    You can enter and leave the garage with ease, and it promotes security and safety to your family.

    However, it can wear out through time and constant usage.

    Despite having a simple operation, an overhead door can be quite complicated to repair when it’s damaged.

    Once you encounter a malfunctioning garage door, you can count on Kald Gart Doors for a garage door repair in Calgary.

    Whether you need us at any time of the day, we respond to any garage door emergency requests around the clock.

    When Do You Need a Garage Door Repair

    A garage door typically lasts about 10 to 20 years. If it is properly maintained, it can extend more.

    However, a garage door is not perfect because it’s also prone to damages, which require repairs and replacement of parts.

    We know that you want to save costs on repairs, that’s why you want to fix it yourself.

    A DIY fix won’t solve the issue since it might cascade to more significant garage door problems. Hence, it can cost you more.

    You don’t have to worry, because you can call for a garage repair in Okotoks.

    Once you notice the following problems stress you out, you can count on Kald Gart for a safe and efficient overhead door repair.

    • The garage door is noisy
    • The garage door is sagging
    • The garage door is not moving
    • The garage door only opens and closes halfway
    • The garage door is shaking
    • Visible damages on parts and components

    Rest assured that we will be fixing all these issues quickly.

    You don’t have to wait for hours and days just to suffer from faulty garage repair okotoks.

    Our Services

    If you need our garage repair in Okotoks, we will provide it for you because we serve the whole Calgary region.

    With over 15 years of serving Calgary, we have various services that we offer around the clock.

    You can depend on us to bring back your garage door to its former glory.

    Spring Repair

    A garage door springs are responsible for the movement of your overhead door.

    It moves around a shift repeatedly to ensure that it lifts and closes the door.

    Once you notice that your door suddenly falls, the spring might be loose.

    Otherwise, it might be too tight when you find it difficult to open the overhead door.

    Call one of our technicians to inspect and repair the spring.

    It is not easy to fix it yourself, especially if you don’t have the handyman skills to do the job.

    Opener Repair

    Openers come in many types – chain, belt drive, and so on.

    Especially if your opener is an automatic type, we can determine the cause of the damage. It might be due to blocked photo-eye or broken circuitry happening inside the opener.

    Whatever the type of your opener is or the issue it’s encountering, Kald Gart Doors will repair it in no time.

    Cable Repair

    A cable is connected to the spring, which assists in lifting and closing the door.

    It moves every time the door is in operation.

    Over time, it can wear out, and it can deteriorate from moisture, resulting in corroded cables.

    Make sure to inspect if you see these signs.

    Also, damaged cables can cause your door to shake every time your garage door moves.

    If this is the case, contact a highly-trained professional to replace the cable for you.

    Besides, it’s not possible to fix it yourself.

    Track Replacement and Repair

    An off-track door can be problematic since it can cause the further effect on the operation.

    Usually, an off-track door is caused by broken cables, springs, rollers, and loose hardware.

    However, in most cases, it is due to intense impact if you accidentally bump your car in your garage in the past.

    Though it might seem simple to align the door back, it’s not the case.

    As mentioned, some parts contribute to your door misalign, so it’s advisable to call a garage door repair in Calgary to fix it for you.

    Your Reliable Garage Door Emergency

    In a neighborhood town like Okotoks, it’s no wonder people have garages in their homes. After all, it keeps our belongings and our family safe from harm.

    It’s also an important asset because it increases your valuable property.

    No matter what time of the day or what kind of overhead door problem you are facing, we will fix it right away to make sure you’re satisfied.

    We are a garage door repair company that prioritizes our customers.

    We know the frustration that comes with damaged garage doors. That’s why we want to fix the garage door for you to enjoy the safety and security it provides.

    Don’t prolong your agony, and call us right now to receive our top-notch services!

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    David Martin

    David Martin

    Servicing garage doors for over a decade has thought me a thing or two about garage doors. In this blog I will try to share with you all I've learned over the years. I hope you find these tips helpful for a DIY fix before paying for a technician. If you still need help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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