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    Dangers Of Repairing A Garage Door Yourself

    Garage Doors Lifespan In Calgary – Overhead doors for garages are marketed as robust equipment that could quickly improve any household.

    Those that are bigger in sizes would especially make use of garages more often as it is also a part of a house that receives a lot of attention from strangers and guests of the house alike.

    While a garage door repair isn’t necessarily needed every once in a while, there is a specific time frame for it or an exact lifespan.

    Knowing the garage door’s lifespan is very important as it could help homeowners plan their strategies for scheduled repairs, inspections, and maintenance.

    The thing about garage doors is that there are many manufacturers worldwide, and each one of them uses specific materials that act as their main selling point.

    It means that customers may encounter garage doors made out of wood, steel, and even aluminum.

    That said, lifespan varies mostly on the materials used and also the build quality.

    Another thing that contributes to a garage door’s overall lifespan is the system or mechanism behind it.

    Doing enough research and asking questions from the manufacturer is an effective way to figure out a garage door’s lifespan.

    However, for homeowners who don’t have time, this article can be a perfect quick reference.

    Aluminum and Steel

    Both aluminum and steel are claimed by many manufacturers to last for at least 20 years.

    It means that the whole exterior and the mechanism inside would be rendered useless by that time unless a restoration job will be performed.

    Both of these materials are strong, which isn’t generally a surprise.

    They aren’t that much popular to household owners that the majority much prefer the wooden-based garage doors because of their classic and natural appearance.

    However, garage door repair in Calgary is much easier to facilitate on steel and aluminum made garage doors.

    It is mainly because service providers now have more access to newer technologies that are the ones being used to make the repair much faster and more efficient.

    The 20-year lifespan is only meant as the average as specific activities and modifications can be made, such as an overhead door repair to extend this lifespan.

    Of course, several factors could influence the lifespan to decrease.


    As mentioned above, wooden materials are popular for a lot of homeowners because of their appeal.

    Most certainly, wooden made garage doors can also compete with those made of aluminum and steel since there’s no such thing as rusting.

    Overhead doors made out of wood are relatively lighter than those mentioned above, making it much safer to work with when facilitating repairs and renovations.

    The bottom line for wooden made doors is that they can head to head with steel and aluminum as long as the homeowner is taking care of it nicely.

    Cycle Lifespan

    Aside from materials, there is also a thing called a cycle lifespan in a garage door, and it refers to the number of times a garage door can be opened and closed.

    Torsion springs are generally the part that is required to work harder in this situation, which is why the torsion spring’s lifespan is also called the cycle lifespan.

    A standard one that can be easily bought in any market could have anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 cycles.

    These cycles put the average cycle lifespan of 10 years, having a maximum lifespan of up to 12 years.

    Garage Door Opener Lifespan

    A garage door opener is a mechanism behind all the processes involved in opening and closing the garage door.

    Think of it as the brain, the center of all the commands.

    A standard one that can be bought anywhere can last for up to 15 years, but this number can even increase with enough care and maintenance.

    Garage Doors Lifespan In Calgary – Conclusion

    Knowing the correct lifespan of some parts of a garage door is always crucial for tackling the maintenance and renovation plans in the future.

    These materials and components generally last more than ten years, but all of them can have an extended lifespan if they receive enough care from their owners.

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