Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why

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    Garage Door Won’t Close – A garage door is built to safeguard the garage and the whole house from intruders, as well as to protect it from damages brought by the impact of calamities.

    So what is the point of having a garage door that will not even close?

    This issue is probably one of the most frustrating problems to happen in the garage.

    It demands attention and immediate resolution to ensure the house’s safety, the people residing in it, and the items treasured inside it.

    Therefore, if this problem is encountered, do not hesitate to contact a garage door company in Calgary as soon as possible.

    Do not panic, though.

    While these occurrences look severe, they are not unusual.

    Some parts might only be asking for repairs.

    However, it is best to let the professionals do their job, especially that the issue is not entirely identified.

    Never ignore even the tiniest differences happening in the garage door because it might trigger and worsen the problem.

    In this post, the reasons behind a garage door’s inability to close will be elaborated.

    Dead Transmitter Batteries

    The garage door requires power to function, apparently.

    This power comes from the transmitter that uses batteries.

    Thus, if the batteries are drained, the whole operation will be hindered.

    It means that it would not be able to send signals to the garage system.

    To solve this problem, replace the transmitter batteries or ask a technician to provide replacement alternatives.

    Opener Issues

    Related to transmitter misalignment, there are probably more issues happening in the transmitter that causes the door to halt.

    To determine, close the door using the remote, and then close it using the button inside the garage.

    If it does not function using the transmitter but does with the button, it is apparent that the problem lies with the transmitter.

    Typical transmitter problems include the distance and other transmitter’s interruption, causing confusion with the signals.

    Issues with the Settings

    It might sound petty, but this issue is probably the least expected or not taken seriously.

    Before jumping to conclusions that there is something wrong with the door, check the settings first.

    The settings can be adjusted according to the preferred distance when opening and closing the door, as well as the speed of liking.

    Therefore, it might need resetting to refer to the manual to do it or hire a professional for help.

    Photo-Eye Alignment

    Most garage doors nowadays are equipped with a photo-eye.

    This feature was established in 1993 to detect any movements or things blocking the door, hindering its operation.

    There are two tiny photo-eyes placed at both sides of the door.

    If the garage door is not closing, it indicates that the photo-eyes are experiencing an issue.

    What homeowners in Calgary can do is as simple as to clean it with a rag.

    If it is not solved with mere cleaning, it is time to call a professional.

    Track Not Properly Aligned

    Another issue that concerns alignment is the track placement.

    The metal piece that functions as the support system of the garage door’s movement is the track.

    This misalignment issue is a common garage door problem but must not be undermined.

    Misinterpretation and jumping to conclusions would worsen the problem; thus, conduct an inspection with a technician immediately.

    As homeowners, be observant and look for any gaps between the track and the rollers.

    If there are any or even the slightest tendencies of the track bending, call for a repair.

    Broken Springs

    Probably the severe issue that might happen is the broken springs.

    The springs are responsible for the heavy lifting of the door.

    If these springs are exhausted and worn out, it will not function the way it used to or at its best.

    As mentioned, this is a serious problem.

    Homeowners are not advised to fix this because it is meant to be handled by a professional garage door technician.

    Garage Door Repair Services in Calgary

    Worst comes to worst, the door might need to be replaced already, or some parts have to undergo serious repairs.

    If there are issues with the door, such as it will not close as discussed in this post, schedule an appointment with an overhead door technician in Calgary.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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