Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer

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    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer

    Summer is the next ideal season to fix home features and appliances and conduct home repairs and inspections.

    It is perfect, in the sense that the weather is dry and probably the whole family is together at home.

    However, in the summer time, it is undeniable that the weather is too hot to fight.

    Thus, it is best to keep the insulation in track to avoid any tendencies related to heat.

    Here are helpful tips to make the most out of during the summer.

    These are simple ways to maintain the garage door to heighten its life expectancy and avoid further repairs and replacements.

    Performing these will increase the probability of reaching the average lifespan (15-20 years) of garage and overhead doors.

    Inspect the components

    The first step is the most common and easiest way of maintaining the garage door in general.

    Check for any wear and tear occurrences in the hardware.

    This step is simple because homeowners only need to be observant.

    Start from inspecting it as a whole to noticing the tiniest parts.

    Examine if there are loose hinges, misaligned tracks, and misplaced bolts.

    If there are any, tighten these parts or replace them if missing or looking rusty.

    By ensuring this step, the overall operation will surely be done smoothly without any interruptions.

    Wash the door

    Washing the door is a common and general way to maintain an object.

    This step would not only eliminate stuck dirt or debris that are not completely visible to the eye; it would also improve the appearance of the door and the garage itself.

    Aside from dirt, buildup grease and grime from lubrications will also be removed.

    It is advised to use a mild detergent along with the water to clean the steel’s surface with ease.

    Reapply paint

    Reapplying paint is one of the most enjoyable ways of maintaining the door.

    Adult homeowners can ask their children, too, as a form of bonding together.

    After washing the garage door, let it dry while preparing the materials needed for repainting.

    Reapply a fresh coat of paint with the color of interest.

    This way would enhance the door’s appearance and strengthen its durability against external factors, most specifically natural impact.

    Lubricate the parts

    Another quick and easy way to maintain garage doors during the summer is to lubricate the parts.

    Apparently, the weather is hot during the summer; thus, lubrication is oftentimes demanded.

    By lubricating the hardware, the recommended type is a 3-in-1 oil instead of grease.

    Doing this step will eliminate annoying loud noises like screeches during its operation (and avoid if there are not any).

    Remove the rust

    Rust is a common issue since the parts are made of steel.

    Always check the parts and remove visible rusts if there are any.

    Sand the rusted parts, and then use a primer and paint.

    A rust-free door will operate smoothly without any loud noises.

    Ensure the insulation

    As mentioned earlier, insulation is significant during the summer because it protects the garage from heat.

    It is very beneficial since it keeps the air conditioning inside.

    Ensure that the insulation is working to experience these advantages.

    Also, excellent-working insulation will be able to reach even the hidden spaces and corners to guard it against heat.

    Reinforce the door

    It is important to reinforce the door to protect it from extreme external factors like the weather and calamities.

    While it is said that there are few weather conditions during the summer, it is better to be prepared.

    Ensure that there are no holes or any signs of an opening in the door to avoid these factors from entering.

    Test the door

    Lastly, test the door if it is working properly.

    This is the simplest of all steps, and possibly the most general way to maintain the garage door’s quality and condition.

    Homeowners only need to observe its lifting process to ensure that it is free of any strange activity and noises.

    Garage Door Repair in Calgary

    For assistance in conducting overhead door repair, there is a garage door repair company in Calgary to approach and schedule an appointment.

    Other garage door services include replacements, installation, insulations, weatherstripping, and many more.

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