Garage Door Springs: Which Are The Most Reliable

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    Garage Door Springs: Which Are The Most Reliable

    Garage Door Springs – Does your overhead door jump out from its rails often?

    Is it struggling to move up and down its tracks?

    If both answers are “yes,” undoubtedly, your overhead door springs are not working as they should.

    To lessen the home maintenance costs, it is crucial to find the appropriate springs.

    Worry no more as this article reveals the most reliable springs you can install at home.

    There are three kinds of springs — the high cycle spring, the extension spring, and the torsion spring.

    All types are under extreme tension, and they all coil and recoil in their own ways.

    If you are repairing your overhead door or planning about upgrading your overhead door opener, consult with a professional garage door repair company to determine which among the types of overhead door springs works best for you and your family.

    What Is a High Cycle Garage Spring?

    High cycle springs tend to be a bit more expensive; however, you can get more out of these springs than from the standard springs.

    Some of the other advantages you can get from high cycle springs include convenience.

    This type of spring works way easier on the functioning of the door.

    However, high cycle springs may not be the best option for you if you have an older overhead door.

    This is because older doors are not set up for a higher number of door cycles.

    Extension Spring vs. Torsion Spring

    Extension springs tend to be more affordable.

    In fact, they are often being used in residential applications; since they cost less, many contractors use them in building new homes.

    These springs are functional and quite cost-effective.

    In order to open the door, these springs extend, which will further allow them to provide a counterbalancing force to support the door.

    The more force is given, the more the extension spring expands.

    While the spending is lower, the lifespan of an extension spring is shorter compared to torsion springs.

    On the other hand, torsion springs only display a few parts; everything is wired within, making them safer to use.

    Apparently, this is a self-contained kind of spring.

    Although the spending will be much higher, torsion springs last longer, and it helps smoothen the movement of your overhead door eventually.

    Further, torsion springs come in a wider variety of options in terms of sizes and lengths.

    The differences are being calculated upon your overhead door’s dimensions, such as weight, height, and track radius.

    Garage Door Springs – Which of the options works BEST?

    Unquestionably, the torsion spring works best.

    Since extension springs are much cheaper, they are often the overhead door spring solution.

    However, it is essential to note that with more exposed parts, extension springs also become more dangerous.

    In contrast, torsion springs can support more weight.

    It provides greater overall stability, making it safer and quicker to operate your overhead door.

    Besides, with fewer exposed components, torsion springs are safer to use.

    If you are in the market to find a new overhead door spring, make sure to align with a torsion spring system’s added advantages.

    When it comes to home enhancement projects, overhead door replacements provide some of the highest returns.

    You can further maximize your ROI by buying long-lasting torsion springs instead of extension springs.

    Remember that to limit exposure to harm or injury, and it is strongly recommended that you schedule an appointment and consult with a professional overhead door installer before attempting any repairs on your own.

    To find the most trusted garage door repair in Calgary, use the free search tool online!

    A professionally trained overhead door technician will come to visit your house, assess the issue, and review the best options for you.

    Clearly, your overhead door springs are more important than you probably realize.

    Property damage, human injury, and even death are just the consequences of awaiting homeowners who refuse to consider safe installations.

    It is factual that actual deaths have resulted from poorly installed springs, which is also one of many reasons why a broken overhead door spring should not be a DIY project!

    Reach out now to your trusted garage door repair in Calgary to further assist you with your concerns!

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