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    Garage Door Parts

    Garage doors can vary from house to house. Depending on its purpose, function, and the owner’s personal preference, the overhead door’s look and its parts may not be the same as other existing overhead doors.

    If you are someone who does not know anything about garage doors, this makes it harder for you to identify or to get to know your garage door system.

    Knowing the different garage door parts or at least the common ones allows an individual to be able to address the problem appropriately or at least identify what’s wrong with the door.

    In addition to that, knowing and understanding the basic functionality of even the most common garage door parts will help you assess your limitations giving you an idea of when it is most efficient to look for professional help and when you can settle matters on your own.

    Reckless tinkering with your garage door or attempting to repair your garage door without the appropriate knowledge will only prove to be risky and may even result in injury.

    So before doing this, a bit of research is necessary. Make sure to read about the different components that comprise your garage doors.

    To reduce unnecessary risks and injuries, allow us to educate you on the different garage door parts and give you an understanding of its functionalities.

    Without further ado, the following are the different components of overhead doors that are common or present in almost all types of garage doors out there.

    Garage Door Panels

    This is the easiest part of your garage door to identify. The garage door panel is the part of your door that you see first thing every day.

    It is what’s being lifted up and down and what protects your home from uninvited guests.

    Garage door panels may be constructed in sections or without depending on which you prefer.

    Having garage door sections is neater looking since it allows the door to fold itself along the sections during the opening.

    This is the most common type of garage door panels being used out there.

    However, although rare, there are still those who do not have sections in their garage door panels and have the entire overhead doors tilt at a certain angle as they open instead of folding.

    Garage Door Spring

    Another really important component of your garage door that you need to know about are the springs.

    Garage door springs have the heaviest job of all and because of this, it oftentimes wears faster compared to the other parts.

    The garage door spring is what carries or supports your garage door’s weight.

    Without it, you will have a harder time opening your overhead doors either manually or automatically.

    To extend your garage door spring’s lifespan, you can perform simple maintenance practices on it from time to time such as lubricant application and constant cleaning.

    There are two types of springs which you can use for your garage door – torsion springs and extension springs.

    Whichever type you may be using, you will need to have the appropriate spring chosen based on the weight of your garage door.

    Using the wrong type of spring for your door will only apply more stress and load to the other components of your system.

    To measure the weight of your garage door, put a scale underneath the doors with the cables detached.

    Garage Door Tracks, Rollers, and Hinges

    Next, we have the garage door tracks, rollers, and hinges.

    These may be small components but they still serve a great purpose in the overall functionality of your garage system.

    The garage door track is what makes it possible to open your garage door.

    They guide your door during opening allowing for smooth operation.

    Rollers are wheel-shaped components attached to the sides of your garage door panels.

    They allow your door to move up and down with less friction on the track’s surface.

    Last but not least are the hinges. Hinges are found between panel sections if your overhead doors have sections.

    They keep the different sections connected.

    They also allow the door to bend during the entire opening process without breaking it along the way.

    Garage Door Openers

    Due to the fast advancement in technology, most garage doors nowadays use an opener for the opening and closing functions.

    Garage door openers make it easier to open and close your overhead doors.

    With a click of a button, you can command your door to open.

    You will no longer need to do the activity yourself manually.

    Garage door openers are available in three different types – chain drive openers, belt drive openers, and direct drive openers.

    Each option has their own respective advantages and disadvantages.

    There are a lot of other parts you can find on your garage doors but these are the most common and usually cause the damage.

    To get a better understanding of the different garage door parts and how each component works, you can check this video on how a garage door works in general.


    It is truly important to know your garage door’s different parts and components in order to cater to them accordingly.

    However, it is also equally important to know who you can trust when your door breaks down.

    For 24/7 garage door repair services in Calgary, choose Kald Gart Doors.

    We have been in this industry for 15 years now providing quality services to our clients both in the residential and commercial fields.

    We cater to garage door installation, repairs, and maintenance services whenever you need it, even in the oddest of times.

    We will be more than happy to attend to you and your overhead door needs.

    What are you waiting for? Call us now at 587-316-9739 to get the quality door services that you require.

    After all, your garage doors deserve nothing but the best.

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