Garage Door Opening By Itself? Here Is Why

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    Garage Door Opening By Itself – Overhead garage doors should open and close on demand with no issues.

    If the garage door opens on its own, there may be a problem that needs to be fixed.

    A garage door opening by itself may cause serious accidents when it happens at inappropriate times.

    Before calling a professional garage door repairman for help, typical homeowners can check some things to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and save time and money.

    Below are some reasons why your garage door may be opening by itself and ways to fix it.

    Safety Sensors May Be Damaged

    After 1993, overhead garage door manufacturers have been required by federal law to develop and implement safety features that detect a blockage of the pathway when the garage door closes.

    This feature will automatically stop the door from moving if it detects something on the pathway.

    This attribute is possible because of the sensors mounted on the side of the openings near the floor and connected to the motor.

    To put it simply, if the sensors sense something that is blocking the path, it will stop the door’s motion, which will prevent serious accidents.

    Moreover, sensors are very sensitive as it can detect the smallest leaves, rocks, or even snow, which can prevent the door from moving.

    Ultimately, if the sensors are damaged or misaligned, it might cause problems that will lead the overhead door to not work as it should.

    Thoroughly inspect the surrounding of the door and the tracks, because in some cases, the sensors may be misaligned due to the tracks being bent or damaged.

    Also, inspect the wirings of the sensors and their connection to the motor.

    Normally, there is a distinguishable light that constantly blinks near or on the opener, indicating that there is something that is preventing the door from moving.

    If there are no visible objects that may cause blockage, this may indicate a faulty sensor or wiring.

    In addition and although unlikely, lightning and thunderstorms can cause sensor damage.

    If this is the case, it will damage the circuit of the garage door system and cause short-circuit problems, potentially incurring damage to the whole mechanism.

    If this is the cause, having it checked by an expert technician would be the most efficient option, as electrical problems require professional solutions.

    Inspect the Overhead Door Opener Button

    Depending on the garage door’s configuration, the entire door mechanism might have an opener button that activates the door when pressed.

    To make sure that the button functions correctly, make certain that it is free from dirt and debris.

    Sometimes, the button can get dirty and get stuck in the open position.

    This will make the garage door to open and close uncontrollably unless the button gets unstuck.

    Make sure to clean the opener button, including all the connections in the encasement.

    Also, make sure that the wirings of the button are in good condition, free from rust and dirt.

    If there is visible damage to the wirings, this might cause the opener to malfunction as it can cause a short-circuit.

    Also, consider fitting a surge protector where the system is plugged in to avoid any future problems.

    Unusual Cause: Neighbors

    One more cause for the garage door to malfunction is someone living near your house that might also have the same remote control model with the same code as your garage door’s motor function.

    This is highly unlikely, but it could be possible.

    If it is a motor that was manufactured before 1993, it is programmed by several clips made of metal.

    Try to reposition these clips and check if it is functional.

    However, before doing this, it would be safe to ask for help from the neighbors.

    If your garage door opens when they open theirs, then it is the cause of the problem.

    Again, this is highly unlikely, but still possible, as signals can sometimes interfere, and the system might not work as it should.

    Consult a Professional Garage Door Repair Serviceman

    If all these do-it-yourself solutions are not enough, then it is time to schedule an appointment with a garage door repair company and its service technician to help with garage door repairs.

    For issues with overhead doors, contact the closest garage door repair in Calgary for professional assistance.

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    David Martin

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