Fixing A Garage Door In Calgary – All You Need To Know

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    Fixing A Garage Door In Calgary

    Repairs are almost as necessary as maintenance.

    When the maintenance fails, being able to fix an item should always be there as a backup.

    Of course, repairs do not necessarily mean that an item is useless.

    It just means that even objects are not perfect; hence it can be faulty from time to time.

    Like humans who can malfunction after repeatedly working and wearing out, technology and mechanism can break down as well.

    This is the same for overhead doors.

    From time to time, they can encounter problems and damages, especially when the environment is harsh or the time has got the better of it.

    There is generally nothing wrong with calling for repairs, as garage doors themselves also have their own lifespan.

    Time can do wonders to people and damage to objects.

    What are the most common fixes?

    What are the common problems?

    Here are some things that homeowners need to know about overhead door repair.

    Common Problems and Its Fixes

    Knowing the root cause of the damage helps in finding out the proper repairs that need to be done.

    1. The opener doesn’t operate

    At times, there will be instances when the garage door cannot be operated by either the remote control or the switch on the wall.

    It might be due to the motor unit being unplugged off the socket.

    Make sure that the motor is plugged properly and its cord is placed correctly.

    Another culprit might be the power outlet itself, including the fuse or the circuit breaker.

    It is possible that the circuit has been fried and the breaker is in need of a reset.

    If the GFCI or the circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping, it might be because of a short circuit in the electrical system or within the opener itself.

    An eventual replacement might be due if the motor has been burned out and cannot be operated anymore.

    2. The door doesn’t close/can’t be closed

    This is perhaps the most common obstacle that homeowners have to deal with every day.

    The garage door not closing is a pretty common offset, which can easily be repaired as well.

    It might be due to three of the most common culprits: the close-limit switch, the safety sensors, and the rusted rollers.

    First off, close-limit switches are adjusted to prevent the people that are passing through from colliding or being hit by the door.

    If it is misadjusted, there is a good chance that it is the one preventing the door from closing all the way.

    The garage door sensors are part of the safety mechanism of the opener and are used to detect any objects below.

    It might be misaligned and is causing the door to refuse to close itself because of a detected object somewhere far away from the area of the door.

    Finally, the rusted door rollers might have caused the binding of the tracks, thus making it difficult for the door to slide in.

    Adjusting the close-limit switch, aligning the safety sensors, and replacing the rollers can easily put the door back in operation.

    3. Sudden reversing of the door

    If the door reverses suddenly before reaching the floor, it might be because of the adjustment screw and the damaged rollers.

    Adjustment screws control the closing force of the door that allows it to lower down before the motor is eventually switched off.

    The close-force settings might be improperly adjusted and need a proper reset or the adjustment screw may be faulty.

    The friction that the damaged rollers are causing can also result in the premature halting of the door.

    Simple lubrication might do the trick.

    4. Incomplete opening

    Problems with opening the door might be rare but sometimes overlooked.

    Apart from the close-limit switch used to close the door, there is also an up-limit switch for the opening of the door.

    If it is too far away from the motor unit, it might not work properly.

    Hence, moving it closer to where the motor is can resolve the problem.

    For further damages and problems that cannot be solved with simple tricks and lubrication, a garage door repair company should be contacted.

    These problems are easy for residents who wish to avail services of garage door repair in Calgary.

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    David Martin

    David Martin

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